Employee Recognition Software

Online Incentive Programs By Snowfly

A flexible and efficient way to recognize and reward your staff

Snowfly’s online incentive programs are point based and delivered via ®Capstone, a proprietary web-based software application. Flexible enough to meet specific needs, Capstone can be the central component in any or all of your organization’s employee recognition and reward programs.

Snowfly’s online incentive programs hosted by Capstone include any or all of the following features and components:

online incentive programs for employees

Branded Website Portal Hosted by Snowfly

Your organization will receive a unique URL address and Web site with customized branding (i.e. logos, graphics and adages).

Individual Web-Based Accounts

Each participant in your online incentive programs will have an individual internet-based account that, among other things, will inform them of their incentive program eligibility, act as a bank for earned redeemable points and grant them access to an online catalog of rewards.

Communication Tools

Through their web-based account, incentive program participants are informed of the specific goals they can achieve and/or activities they can demonstrate along with the *Game Token and/or Point Value they will receive for doing so.

Banners and message boards can send individual, team or company-wide messages and announcements

*Random Point Yielding Games

Qualifying incentive program participants can be rewarded with the fun and excitement that comes with playing a game that yields a random number of redeemable points. (every play is a winner) DEMO GAMES

Online Prize Catalog

The Capstone Rewards Catalog will enable your employees to redeem accumulated points for a variety of incentive rewards. Your incentive rewards catalog will be customized for your organization based on your needs and culture.

Automated Recognition

Capstone will adapt to your organization’s internal reporting systems, thus enabling a seamless transfer of relevant performance data from your organization. This means that qualifying program participants will be reinforced quickly and consistently when they achieve their goals

Test and Survey Administration Tool

Your organization can administer surveys or tests to your staff on work-related concepts and materials. Furthermore, you can immediately reward employees upon completion of the test or survey.

Individual and Team Contest Management

Using pre-defined rules, algorithms and reports, employee teams or individual participants can gauge their performance against each other.

Employee to Employee Recognition/Nomination tool

Through their Capstone account, incentive program participants can nominate co-workers for company-wide recognition and can also be given the ability to reward points and/or game tokens to one another electronically and/or via a tangible certificate.

Manager/Team Leader to Employee Recognition tool

Supervisors and/or administrators have access to a “bank” that enables them to quickly and easily distribute points and/or game tokens to their subordinates at their discretion. This empowers your staff to reinforce the less quantifiable activities such as teamwork and extra effort.

Real-Time Reporting and Tracking

A suite of real-time reports available online through Capstone will provide concrete proof of your incentive program’s effectiveness, as well as information necessary to administer the program, such as budgetary status and employee tax implications.