Employee Performance Management

Guiding your organization to employee recognition success

The Snowfly team is dedicated to ensuring that your Snowfly-provided incentive system delivers outstanding results. Whether it’s designing a customized performance improvement program, developing and allocating your budget, promoting your program to participants or integrating your internal reporting processes into our incentive management software, Snowfly Professional Services will meet your needs.

Incentive Program Design

Our team of professionals will work with your organization to determine and implement:

  • Key participant activities and behaviors that should be targeted to achieve organizational objectives
  • Organizational responsibilities and the resources that will be required to administer the program
  • Organizational program structure that will determine the accessibilities and eligibilities of participants
  • Budgetary development and allocation including minimum and maximum expenditure estimates
  • Effective ways to log, verify, and reward specific employee and/or participant activities and goals
  • The point ( i.e. dollar) value that should be assigned specific goals and/or activities
  • Rewards that should be made available, to whom and the point value that that should be applied to them
  • Reports i.e. what will be made available online and to whom

Program Marketing and Promotion

Throughout your organization’s tenure as a Snowfly client, Snowfly professionals will work with your organization to develop and carry out a communication and marketing strategy that will ensure that your target audience has the knowledge, and most importantly, the level of excitement necessary to make your incentive, performance improvement and recognition program a success.

  • Promotional Consultation and planning
  • Email Campaigns
  • On location signage and posters
  • Direct mail, flyers, and handouts
  • Survey Administration
  • Special promotions and event planning

Program Management

When your organization changes, your program needs to adapt. Because of this, we provide a variety of services to ensure that your program stays up to date and is always operating to its full potential.

  • Ongoing monitoring including usage trends, point redemption trends, employee performance trends and budget utilization
  • Real-time Communication of the above to program administrators
  • Add/change/remove employee goals based on past and/or predicted performance and seasonal trends
  • Modification of online rewards catalog based on participant feedback and/or changes in company culture
  • Modification of key program variables such as point to dollar conversion rate or game pay outs based on budget expenditures and availability
  • Provide recommendations for program optimization based on past and predicted trends

Data Integration Services

Snowfly’s Web-based incentive software is designed to adapt to your organization’s internal reporting systems, thus enabling a seamless transfer of relevant account and performance data from your organization. This means that qualifying participants will be rewarded quickly and consistently when they achieve their goals. It also means that administration of your Snowfly-run incentive programs will be easy on administrators and IT staff.

Administrator Support and Training

Snowfly strives to provide the highest level of client support from the early stages of program design throughout your organization’s tenure as a Snowfly client. The Snowfly-client relationship team will work closely with internal incentive program administrators to maximize your programs effectiveness by ensuring that your employee participants have an easy and hassle-free experience. Client support services include:

  • Designated project manager during program design and site development
  • Designated account manager once your program is “live”
  • Online training modules for administrators and participants
  • Branded user manual templates for administrators and participants
  • Onsite or remote training sessions
  • Email, phone, and remote web-cast support
  • Real-Time access to program usage data

End-User Support

Snowfly’s customer service professionals take care of your program participants to ensure that their experience with your program is easy and hassle- free. End-user support options include:

  • E-mail or phone support
  • Online Help and FAQs
  • Shipping inquiries
  • Toll-free access
  • Live online support

Communication and Reporting of Results

Snowfly provides administrators access to high level data that will provide valuable insight as to how and to what degree of effectiveness your incentive program is being utilized. It also allows employee participants access to low-level data pertaining to individual performance and usage. Predetermined reports can be made available in real-time and include:

  • Financial liability
  • Prize Redemptions
  • Employee Tax liability
  • Performance trends and improvements
  • Employee participation
  • Reward distribution
  • Individual scorecards
  • Team and individual scorecards