Snowfly Staff Profiles

The Snowfly Team is comprised of smart, motivated, forward-thinking individuals who love what they do.

And what we love to do is help our clients achieve their objectives. We are an energetic, fun-loving and responsive group as well as being extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes to employee incentives, efficiency, and recognition.

Dr. Brooks Mitchell, Founder

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Dr. Brooks Mitchell is a Professor of Management at the University of Wyoming and the founder of two highly successful Wyoming-based software companies. When he founded his first company, Aspen Tree Software, he originated the Computerized Employment Interview and was a pioneer in the Internet job application process. In 1999, he started Snowfly. He now devotes his full-time efforts to Snowfly, his students and his classes at the University of Wyoming. Brooks spends his free time enjoying life, whether it be on the golf course or the trout stream.

Tyler Mitchell, President

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Tyler has over 10 years experience as the innovative, hands-on senior executive of Snowfly. He has a proven track record dealing with all aspects of running the company, from vision and strategy, to sales and marketing, to research and development, to customer support, documentation, and training. He continues to be involved in client program implementations, providing innovative solutions that remove obstacles to success.

Elijah Cox, VP of Technology and Product Development

Snowfly is an employee incentives company located in Wyoming
Elijah Cox holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Computer Science from the University of Wyoming. Elijah has been a programming and technology enthusiast his whole life. He is married with two daughters and another child on the way and is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending downtime in the mountains of Wyoming and Utah. He spent almost 10 years in the military performing two tours in the Iraq war.

Tammy Forbis, Director of Customer Service

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Tammy Forbis is a longtime employee of Snowfly and former student of Dr. Mitchell. She was hired during product creation and has watched it grow over the years. Tammy has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an M.B.A, both from the University of Wyoming, where she graduated at the top of her class. Tammy is married, has two sons and enjoys spending time with her family.