Improve Employee Performance

Incentives targeted to improve employee performance in the workplace.

Your company’s Snowfly-facilitated incentive program can be made to target and improve sales or non-sales related performance.

Sales Staff

improve employee performance at work

Employee Incentives have long been utilized to increase sales revenue. Snowfly will create and implement and online incentive program that will inspire your sales force to achieve the goals and activities that are essential to meeting and/or surpassing organizational sales objectives. With your Snowfly-Supported Sales Improvement Incentive Program you can reinforce, recognize and track the following:

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales Achievements
  • Demonstrating product/service knowledge
  • Cross departmental referrals
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Appointments made/kept
  • Territory expansion

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Non-Sales Staff

In addition to or in lieu of using employee incentives to improve sales performance, Snowfly’s online incentive programs can be used to improve performance in areas such as

  • Customer service
  • Quality of work
  • Efficiency
  • Cost reduction metrics

These type of employee incentive programs are commonly used in as call centers, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

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