Employee Motivation Success Stories

Read about specific utilization’s of and benefits derived from Snowfly-facilitated employee recognition, incentive and reward programs.

We’ve put together numerous stories covering cross-section utilization’s so you can see how Snowfly’s clients are implementing and utilizing their Snowfly incentive system.

Manufacturing Facility Video Testimonial
A Senior Vice President and General Manager  talks about the positive impact that their Snowfly-Facilitated Incentive Program has had on their business and how important it has become to their employees.

Large Call Center Utilizes a Snowfly Game-Driven Incentive Program to Improve Customer Satisfaction
This case study details how a large call center was able to achieve quantifiable improvements in their customer satisfaction scores by effectively implementing game-driven employee incentives.

Surprise me! The Incentive you CAN’T Count on is the Best Incentive
Incentive programs can be more effective when the award value is random and the participant can choose whether to engage with the program through variable reinforcement options. This white paper discusses the impact game mechanics (gamification) can have on the performance of incentive programs and includes 3 success stories.

Results: A Game-Based Employee Performance Rewards Program
A real-time, automated, behavioral, game-based performance and incentive rewards program was implemented for 1,400 employees at Regence, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association operating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plans in Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho. Improvements in quality, retention, and attendance were uniformly positive and the program has since been extended to an additional 3,000 employees throughout the organization.

Gamification-Based Employee Incentives Aimed at Improving Sales in a Restaurant Environment
The management team of the Silver Grill Cafe located in Fort Collins, Colorado implemented a Snowfly gamification-based employee incentive program with the expectation that it would motivate participating wait staff to sell more of specific menu items. Upon comparing sales figures in months with the gamification-based employee incentives versus those months without them, it is estimated that the Silver Grill realized an ROI of 66.2%.

Snowfly Success Story: Improve Call Quality
A provider of contact center services implements an agent incentive program and improves the quality in which agents handle incoming calls

Snowfly Success Story:Reduction in Call Center Average Call Time
A call center implements an agent incentive program and reduces average handle time without compromising call quality

Snowfly Success Story: Readers Digest Association
The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., a global media and direct marketing company, implemented a Snowfly-facilitated employee incentive program and quickly saw a dramatic increase in agent revenue per minute

Outside The Box… How First Interstate Bank is increasing Employee Performance and New Business Referrals using a Game-based Incentive System.
How First Interstate Bank of Laramie Wyoming improved employee performance and increased new business referrals with their Snowfly Motivation, Recognition, and Reward System.

Snowfly Success Story: Incoming Contact Center
A 450 agent contact center implements an performance incentive program improves call quality and reduces average handle time

Snowfly Success Story: Outbound Debt Collection Center
Outbound debt collection center for a large department store chain uses their employee incentive program to increase the amount of outstanding debt collected by agents

Snowfly Success Story: Manufacturing Facility
A manufacturing facility reduces absenteeism with a Snowfly Employee Recognition Program

Snowfly Success Story: Hotel Reservation Center
An incoming reservation call center uses their agent incentive program to increase cross-selling and the number of room reservations

Snowfly Success Story: Outsourced Contact Center
An outsourcer of call center services improves it’s sales conversion rate with an effective performance improvement incentive program