Motivation Through Gamification

View a demo of The Snowfly Games Incentive ProgramSnowfly games for employee rewards

Learn about Snowfly’s online employee recognition and incentives programs and how they will be used in combination with our professional services and incentive rewards to support and enhance all of your organizations employee motivation recognition, and reward efforts.  Snowfly games have been proven effective and are necessary for boosting company moral and productivity.

Schedule a private web-cast demo: A “private” as (opposed to public) web-cast demo will enable you to speak directly with a Snowfly Representative and gain a detailed understanding as to how Snowfly incentive software, Capstone will be set up specifically to support and facilitate your organizations incentive, performance improvement, or recognition programs.

On-demand flash demonstration of Capstone: View An on-demand flash demonstration of Capstone, Snowfly’s web-based incentive program management application