Employee Incentives and Rewards FAQ

What benefits can I expect from implementing the Snowfly incentive system?

Snowfly’s primary goal is to quickly show your organization a quantifiable return on your incentive investment.  Your employee recognition and incentive programs will be set up to target the objectives that are most important your organization.  Some common areas of significant improvement that our clients have realized include a reduction in employee turnover, increased sales, and improvements in quality of service.

How are Snowfly Incentive Programs different from other employee incentive programs?

Snowfly has a unique approach to behavior modification, unlike any other in the industry. Distinguishing aspects our online employee incentive programs include:

  • Random point-yielding games: Snowfly rewards participants with the option to immediately play a fun game of chance that rewards a random number of redeemable prize points. Every play is a winner. This makes it more exciting (and more likely to be used) than a system that automatically assigns a pre-determined number of points for a behavior.
  • Comprehensive reporting: The report generator is extremely flexible, enabling administrators to generate virtually any report needed. For example, you can administer a training module and test in the morning, offer Snowfly eTokens for immediate completion, send it to thousands of employees, and receive a complete report and analysis of the results by the afternoon.
  • Flexibility of incentive rewards: When you work with Snowfly, you will never be required to purchase incentive rewards from a single source. In addition to the reward options we can provide and fulfill, your organization can also provide and fulfill your own rewards. For example, via your Snowfly Incentive Program you can offer a day off with pay, gift certificates to local restaurants or tickets to local events.

Will employees need extensive training to participate in a Snowfly online employee incentive program?

No. Snowfly’s incentive software is user-friendly with easy-to-follow prompts on every screen. Employees need minimal computer experience to participate in one our online programs. The basic knowledge required is the ability to login to a access and browse the Internet.

How do employees earn incentive rewards?

It’s up to you. Your employees will earn points by meeting pre-defined goals and/or demonstration of desirable behaviors. Snowfly professionals will work with you to determine and define these goals and behaviors.

How are participant goals and activities logged and verified?

Specific goals and/or activities can be logged and verified:

  • Online by employee participants or administrators.
  • Automatically based on “electronic” data received from your organization via a pre-developed automated data transfer process.

What exactly can incentive program participants do with the redeemable points they have earned?

Via their individual Web-based accounts, program participants can redeem their Snowfly points for:

  • Adding dollar value to re-loadable debit cards. This reward option provides ultimate flexibility for program participants while maintaining the recognition value of a tangible gift branded with your organization’s logo.
  • Purchase an Amazon.com Electronic Gift Certificate:  Program participants will instantly be provided an alpha numerical code that can be applied to any purchase(s) made at www.amazon.com . By making available a huge selection of products from over 40 categories, this incentive reward is sure to provide participants with something that they are happy with
  • Mail-fulfilled gift cards: Program participants can choose a gift card(s) from numerous popular merchants and service providers ranging from $5 to $100 in value. Through their individual Web-based account, accumulated points are redeemed at which time the correct gift card is automatically ordered and sent to the participants home or business address.
  • In-house rewards: Your organization has the option to offer and fulfill any reward “in-house,” such as tickets to local events, time off, gift certificates to local retailers/restaurants or logo merchandise.

How much does the Snowfly program cost?

Snowfly is a highly customizable incentive system designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization. Therefore, pricing is not a predetermined, one-size-fits-all amount. Snowfly’s setup and monthly administration fees will account for a minimal percent of your total incentive budget.

How much time and resources does a Snowfly employee incentive program require to administer?

Snowfly account managers will handle the majority of the administrative tasks and responsibilities required to manage your incentive programs. Therefore the time required by your organizations internal resources is minimal.

How much time will my employees spend on Snowfly incentive or recognition program?

Your employees will lose very little work time redeeming points, logging goals and playing games. On average, employees log into their accounts about 3.5 times a week, and the average time for each log in is 2.5 minutes. Therefore, they are only spending 9.5 minutes a week on Snowfly. And remember, they are awarded playing time only if they have performed well.

Will my employees be playing Snowfly games at work?

Employees spend less than 10 minutes per week playing games, redeeming points and logging activities, and more than 40 percent of that time is from home. So, the average daily use at work is under 1½ minutes. Imagine the positive and contagious effect of receiving immediate praise and feedback for accomplishing an objective. The employee sees the tokens during morning break, plays a game and puts money onto a Visa debit card. The excitement of playing a game with a random reward value reinforces the behavior that earned the tokens. Employees see the completed tasks and any notes and comments that accompany the tokens. Games can be played from any browser with Internet access, from their desktop, from a kiosk in the break/lunch room or from home. And for that, you will receive an immediate and sustained improvement of at least 20 percent in turnover, absenteeism, schedule adherence, AHT, sales per hour, dollars collected or other metrics that contribute to your bottom line. That’s a great ROI.

Why games and a random amount of points? Why not give a finite amount of value to qualifying participants?

The game component of Snowfly’s online incentive program management application is an optional component; you can elect to bypass games and give qualifying participants a finite number of points.

How do I stay within my incentive program budget with the unpredictable nature of the Snowfly’s games?

Snowfly professionals will work with you and run simulations using historical performance data against your available incentive budget. Snowfly games will be set to yield an average number of points (i.e. dollar value) per play.

Taxes - Are the incentive rewards that my employees receive via our Snowfly-facilitated incentive program taxable?

In most cases, yes. As part of your incentive system, Snowfly will develop report that reflects your organization’s policies when it comes to the taxation of employees for incentives. This report will be set up and formatted in a way that will allow your payroll department easily utilizes this data to tax employees appropriately.

What types of organizations have implemented a Snowfly-facilitated incentive program?

Flexibility in our incentive software, services and rewards is Snowfly’s biggest asset. This means we can and have developed, implemented and administered our online incentive programs for a variety of organizations/workplace environments including:

  • Inbound and outbound Contact Centers
  • Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail Establishments
  • Collection Centers