Marketing/Informational Materials

View/download PDF documents and streaming video to learn more about Snowfly and our approach to employee recognition and incentives.

Streaming Video: Theoretical Foundations of Snowfly
Features founder Dr. Brooks Mitchell as he discusses the behavioral foundation of Snowfly and the basic functionality of our internet-based incentive management system

Snowfly: An Overview
Provides an overview of The Snowfly Employee Incentive System, our online programs and incentive rewards.

Streaming Video: Capstone Demonstration
View an on-demand demo of Snowfly’s web-based incentive software, Capstone and see how it used to support online employee incentive programs.

Snowfly Commercial
A brief and entertaining story that explains why your organization may need a Snowfly Incentive and Recognition Program.

Snowfly Mobile App – Quick Video Introduction
A brief video intorduction to The Snowfly Incentive Management Application – mobile version.