Snowfly Press Coverage

Unique, unbiased insight on the effectiveness of Snowfly’s incentive programs, rewards and professional services across various media outlets.

Our innovative approach to employee recognition and motivation has been featured in a variety of media outlets:

Inc Magazine
A New Kind of Perk
How playing games online can boost productivity.. Really.

ABC News
Video ABC News – MoneyMatters
Snowfly’s game-based incentive program is the subject of ABC News MoneyMatters segment.
Goof off at work, get a bonus
One small company is turning the tables on productivity by using Internet games and instant prizes to motivate employees.

CallCentre Helper” The UK’s most popular call centre magazine
Fifteen great ways to improve your incentive programmes

Outbound Call Center: Global Online Community
Paper or Plastic: How a Grocery Bag Full of Money Can Improve KPIs

Northern Colorado Business Report
A little fun improves performance

Canadian Business Magazine
Employee compensation: Money games

Training and Development Magazine
Game Incentive

Colors: The Premier Diversity Resource
Fun and Games: Employee Play Improves Productivity

Arizona Business Journal
Worker morale vital to small businesses
The Working Week: #79
Podcast features Snowfly Founder Dr. Brooks Mitchell as he explains, Snowfly’s somewhat unconventional approach to reward and motivation is actually based on sound behavioural research – any human activity that is positively reinforced will be repeated.

Tech Forward –
Who Let the Games out?

The Bakersfield Californian
Need Incentive? Point Taken

Call Center Magazine
The Game-Based Work Application Theory
Article published in Call Center Magazine describes how Snowfly allows employees to play computer games at work without getting in trouble for loafing

Information Week Magazine
Five Questions for Brooks Mitchell, Educator And Entrepreneur
Brooks Mitchell, founder of Snowfly Incentives, encourages game playing in the workplace as a reward for performance.

InfoWorld Magazine
12 quick IT productivity wins
Snowfly’s game-based incentive solution and it’s applicability at large call center is discussed in tip #10.

The Kansas City Star
Need Incentive? Point Taken

The Dallas Morning News
Gaming Keeps Workers Happy

Business Las Vegas
Video – Business Las Vegas
Snowfly is featured on Business Las Vegas

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle
A profile on Laramie WY based company Snowfly and it’s founder Dr. Brooks Mitchell
Brooks Mitchell: The man who is working to revolutionize the world of employee incentives, it turns out, is not the greatest employee in the world.

The Wichita Eagle
Promoting Play at Work
Snowfly helps a Wichita KS based beverage distributor win big.

The Laramie Boomerang
Games of Chance used for Company Incentives
An article that appeared The Laramie Boomerang (Laramie, WY) that profiles Snowfly and how their game-based incentive solution is helping a local branch of banks
Interview with Dr. Mitchell
Dr. Mitchell, a behavioral scientist and professor at the University of Wyoming, explains why one of the biggest mistakes managers make is to look for a quick fix for workforce productivity improvement.

Charleston Regional Business Journal
Professor Shares Incentive Program with Local Call Centers
Good managers know employees respond to rewards and incentives. But few realize that immediate incentives work best.

The Northern Colorado Business Report
Snowfly Incentive Program Raises Stakes for Productivity
Entrepreneur Dr. Brooks Mitchell, founder of Snowfly, based his unique program on the belief that workers will try harder and be more enthusiastic about achieving workplace goals if they can obtain instant rewards for their efforts. Several companies using Snowfly’s system have had positive results.

BBC News
Games at Work May Be Good for You
Scientists from the University of Utrecht have studied the effects of game playing on 60 employees in a Dutch insurance firm and found that game players felt better about their job.

Forbes Magazine
Slouches Make Better Operators
An article highlighting Snowfly Founder, Dr. Brooks Mitchell and his previous endeavor, Aspen Tree Software, an innovative company that led the way for computer assisted interviewing.