Staff Incentive Programs Research

Snowfly Team Members and other industry experts provide insight into some best practices relating to employee recognition and incentives

Beyond Loyalty Points to the Joy of Winning! A white paper written by Snowfly Founder Dr. Brooks Mitchell explains how traditional point-based incentive programs can be enhanced by adding a gaming component.

Individual vs. Team Rewards: The 75/25 Rule Based on solid academic research, behavioral scientists have known for years that teamwork plays a major role in workplace performance. Management seems to have universally accepted the idea that rewarding team performance is the best way to achieve organizational goals. However, there is also evidence that rewarding individual performance can help achieve organizational goals.

Surprise me! The Incentive You Can’t Count On Is the Best Incentive Incentive programs can be more effective when the award value is random and the participant can choose whether to engage with the program through variable reinforcement options. This white paper discusses the impact game mechanics (gamification) can have on the performance of incentive programs, outlines the psychology behind variable payouts and provides three case studies to support the effectiveness of variable, random award payouts.

Gamification after Twelve Years and 150 Million Games: Sixteen Key Discoveries for Success Snowfly was incorporated in 1999 with a mission to insert games into the employee performance-reward equation. Since that time, over 150 million games have been played in a real world work environment. This paper identifies 16 key findings for industries considering gamification.

2009 Call Call Center Incentives Survey The results of an extensive survey provides insight into call center incentive programs, practices, and results.

Keeping Good People after You Hire Them Modern Techniques Using Online Technology Offer New Hope for Contact Centers looking to reduce employee turnover

15 Great Ways to Improve your Employee Incentive Programs Incentive programs can improve performance by 20 to 40 percent – but they must address specific needs or you’re wasting time, energy and money.

Paper or Plastic? Learn how a grocery bag full of money can be used to improve KPIs in the contact center.

Curb Your Staff Turnover Call centers improve employee retention when they harness the tremendous power of steady but random reinforcement.

The Effects of Employee Incentives on Workplace Performance: A Meta-analytic Review of Research Studies A meta-analytic review of all adequately designed field and laboratory research on the use of employee incentives to motivate performance is reported. Of approximately 600 studies, 45 qualified. The overall average effect of all incentive programs in all work settings and on all work tasks was a 22% gain in performance.

New Age Employee Incentives When games are combined with an employee incentive program that rewards desired daily behaviors, managers find that getting the best from their employees is an achievable and maintainable goal.

Cash or Carry? Does money work as an employee incentive? Dr. Brooks Mitchell and Dawn McCoy explore how employers can get the most out of their employees. They discuss which rewards produce sustainable behavioral changes and give organizations the biggest bang for their buck

They Want Food! In an analysis of incentive reward redemptions for a 4,000 employee call center, food gift certificates were by far the most popular items redeemed.

Gen X, Games and Workplace Performance: A Win-Win Proposition Snowfly Director of Market Development, Tyler Mitchell, contends that video games are an effective way to motivate “Gen-X” Employees.

Bet on Cowboys, Not Horses: A Technological Breakthrough for Employee Selection A book about employee selection and turnover written by Snowfly Founder Dr. Brooks Mitchell. Particular emphasis is given to using the structured job interview combined with a criterion validity study to develop company and job specific selection criterion