White Paper: Individual vs.Team Rewards – The 75/25 Rule

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Based on solid academic research, behavioral scientists have known for years that teamwork plays a major role in workplace performance. Management seems to have universally accepted the idea that rewarding team performance is the best way to achieve organizational goals. However, there is also evidence that rewarding individual performance can … Read More

Effective Employee Recognition Considers Personality Types

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Employee recognition survey by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) revealed that only 29 percent of the survey respondents were satisfied with their company’s recognition process, as reported by The Wichita Eagle.   Even more staggering was the finding that only 43 percent of surveyed employees that work for companies … Read More

You can Lead a horse to Water….

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….but you can’t make him drink….. however it will help if you put some Scotch in it. The revised ending is credited to the late comedian George Gobel. We all see numerous conferences, webinars, blogs and newsletters that offer very useful information about proper hiring, pre-employment screening, the right metrics … Read More