A 600 person call center for a large multi-national hotel chain needed a program that could:

  • Reward achievement of corporate performance objectives.
  • Provide a structure whereby managers are able to give out rewards at their own discretion based on performance levels and real-time individual achievements.
  • Create a way in which the agents in the program can recognize each other as peers.
  • In addition to needing a program that was effective for different levels of company hierarchy, the program needed to engage the agents with specific, measurable quantifiable goals as well as less specific and more subjective elements of their performance.

The program was structured to allow each level of management to influence both subjective and objective criteria using one common reward currency and allow the participants to use that currency to play the games within the program. The program includes:

Objective Performance Metrics

  • Enrolling Callers into Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Transferring Callers to Credit Card Partner
  • Successfully Completing a Test Call
  • Call Compliance Score
  • Empowered Resolution Score
  • Call Quality Scoring

Team Leader “Special Rewards”

Team leaders are given the power to recognize employees in areas they feel are important but which fall outside of the Primary targeted metrics. Different team leaders can recognize for different things based on what they feel is relevant and important for their team. These team leaders are given the option of recognizing both objective and subjective criteria.  Some common reward objectives include:

  • Positive feedback from the result of a supervisor call monitor
  • Adherence to schedule
  • Answering a fun trivia question
  • Completing first 75 days on the job
  • Special daily or weekly contests relating to performance metrics
  • Happy Birthdays
  • Overall, thanks and praise
  • Team rewards for error free calls

Peer-2-Peer Recognition

Each employee can nominate and recognize employee coworkers, if/when they feel another employee is deserving of recognition.


The client utilizes a Snowfly testing feature built into the software that allows agents to take a quiz on product/service knowledge and best practices. Via the Snowfly interface, agents can access and complete a quiz.  If they pass the quiz they are awarded tokens which allow them to play the games.

Suggestion Solicitation

Via the Snowfly interface, agents can make suggestions.  Based on the review by management, the employee making the suggestion can then be rewarded.

Special Contests

They periodically run contests focused on specific metrics as needed by market and competitive landscape.

Implications & Results

Not only did the program show significant increases in the objectives outlined by the company, the platform, with its ability to include both subjective and objective criteria provides a level of flexibility not available prior to the program launch. Now, all levels of the organization from corporate, to local management, to the individual call center representative each have visibility to the impact they are having on their company’s success.

As the market changes and as new directions and new goals are determined, the system is in place to consistently reward and recognize the employees most responsible for helping achieve those goals. The addition of the variable reward mechanism in the program also increases employee engagement by creating a desire within the individuals to “play the game” thereby reducing program fatigue. Participants are excited to participate in the games because of the unpredictability of the final payouts.

Results Graphs:

Quality Score Improvement:
Enrollments in Loyalty Club:
Credit Card Transfer Improvement:


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