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  Action -> Effect -> Feedback -> New Action It doesn’t matter what I do, or what decision I make, I can’t escape the effects of my actions. I can run, I can hide, but the effects will follow right behind. What I CAN do better understand my actions which …

The Incentive You Can’t Count On…

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Incentive programs should be designed to achieve a company’s objectives, reward the participant and get the most from the program budget. Research shows that variable rewards drive greater program engagement, increase motivation, and improve emotional response to being rewarded. Every incentive program should be specific and individual to your company. Your culture, your history, your product, your market and your services all play an important role in how you design your incentive program.

Hassle-Free Incentive Program Tax Reporting With Snowfly

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Taxes…a dreaded word for many, especially for businesses trying to track and report the taxes owed on employee incentive payments. While paying the taxes may be dreaded, tracking and reporting on them doesn’t have to be. In our 16+ years of experience, we have found that many companies track the distribution …