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Contact Center AI To Help Evaluate Agents and Calls

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Snowfly Speech Analytics Artificial Intelligence

AI is such an interesting idea. Artificial intelligence. According to some, in a few years artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans. More capable, even empathetic. Others feel like it’s too much into the science fiction realm, and hope we don’t get completely replaced by computers.

The truth is, AI is here. You probably interacted with AI multiple times during a week. I know I do. When I communicate with a really big company’s help or chat features, I’m usually typing in a word or phrase, and they try to respond with some links that might be helpful. It’s like a super smart, fast search engine that tries to figure out what I want. And, it learns. As it proposes a few solutions, and people click on them and say “yep, that is what I was looking for!”, it remembers that and shows the right answers more often. It just gets smarter as more people use it.

Artificial intelligence (and it’s cousin, machine learning) have made great strides recently. Self-driving cars? Are you kidding me? What about robots in a warehouse, fulfilling orders with hardly any human interaction? And you don’t think when drones deliver packages there will be a person flying each drone do you? We live in an amazing time.

Introducing AI into the contact center environment is an excellent use of this technology, and Snowfly Speech Analytics is the perfect example.

Speech Analytics Software

Snowfly Speech Analytics helps your agents know exactly how they can improve every single call. We can flag problem areas of a call, where the agent says something wrong or omits a question or statement. Because Snowfly Incentives is a rewards program, and is integrated into Snowfly Speech Analytics software, we are immediately capable of delivering intrinsic or extrinsic rewards to your agents when they do something right, whether that is having an excellent call, or even improving in certain areas.

In addition to helping the agent know how they did, how they are doing, and how they are improving, we deliver the same important information to organizational leaders. This can help a team leader know how best to help an agent have better calls, and recognize them when they do things well. This helps create a culture of continuous improvement and learning where your agents feel like you are there to help them win, not just punish them when they did something wrong. Of course, executives can get a birds-eye view, with the ability to drill down as much as they want, to see what is happening on calls.

Speech Analytics AI

When you marry Snowfly Speech Analytics with AI, you get a speech analytics system that gets smarter as you use it. You know how there are probably 300 ways to say hello on a call? Think about every component of a call and how many variations there are of each of those. Snowfly Speech Analytics use artificial intelligence (AI) to get smarter as you use it. This means you don’t have to continually tweak and babysit the admin configuration as you figure out the 299 other ways of saying hello than what you thought. The software learns over time, and becomes more and more accurate.

This means the quality threshold for speech analytics continues to improve. We’ve heard of speech analytics software solutions coming in around 50 and 60%, and staying there. We’ve been pleased to get new clients in around 80% accuracy, and have that improve over time. AI is the perfect partner for speech analytics. Combined with Snowfly Performance and Incentives, we have an important solution to help you meet your organizational objectives, and create a better culture where people want to work!

Speech Analytics Demo

We’d love to jump on a call with you to show you what we have developed, and talk about how we can best meet your needs. We know choosing a speech analytics is hard. We’ll talk through what we have learned and show you with Snowfly Speech Analytics is perhaps the best value on the market. Click here to set up a demo.

Snowfly Speech Analytics Software Demo

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