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Creating a Flexible Employee Engagement Program

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Flexible employee engagement with Snowfly

Because we’ve worked with organizations who want to increase and improve employee engagement we get to hear about other employee engagement software they are looking at. One thing that continually jumps out is that many employee engagement software solutions are very cookie cutter, prescribed systems. We knew early on that Snowfly needed to provide flexible employee engagement options because our customers had changing needs.

Flexible Employee Engagement for Organizational Objectives Changes

We’ve seen organizations going strong down one strategic path and then pivot to another path. This happens at the organizational level as well as the team level. It can be triggered by many things, from outside influences (economic or competitive changes) as well as inside influences (executive turnover, whimsical executive decisions, etc.).

When you buy employee engagement software you need to consider future changes. If you don’t have flexible employee engagement software you’ll find the organizational changes can’t be supported by cookie-cutter software with few configuration options.

It’s hard to design and architect this type of software. Allowing admins to change just about any part of the system adds levels of complexity to every team involved, from the software provider side as well as the customer side. But if done well, this allows you to have one package that can grow and change with your organization. The alternative is you might have to look for new software every time there is significant growth or change, which can come at a considerable cost.

Please look for flexible employee engagement software that can accommodate the ever-changing needs your organization has!

Flexible Employee Engagement for Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes are more fun to think about. This might be holidays, organizational celebrations (like the birthday of the company or team), even celebrations such as a local sports team getting into a playoff.

Let’s say your organization really, really loves St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s because of some Irish connection, or your branding has a lot of green, or you love four leaf clovers. Whatever the reason, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal around the office. You want your employee engagement program to be flexible enough that you could change colors to show affinity for this holiday, and perhaps add relevant polls, contests, badges, rewards, awards, or other things that help make a big deal out of the holiday.

We’ve found that employee engagement administrators who change up the program regularly, throughout the year, add some spice to the engagement experience. This sounds really simple but it’s an important component to keeping an employee engagement program from getting stale.

Choose a flexible employee engagement program that allows your admin to make these changes easily, without incurring support or programming time. At Snowfly we’ve been around this block multiple times. Because our clients are so diverse, in many industries and specialties and geographic locations, we’ve built this type of flexibility into the program.

Flexible Employee Engagement to Meet Employee Needs

No single software provider knows the intimate needs of your team. You do, though. You need to use flexible employee engagement tools that can accommodate your team needs. They need to feel like your employee engagement speaks to them. This only comes when you choose a flexible employee engagement program.

The more your team feels like you understand them and speak to their needs, the more engaging your employee engagement program will be.

That is a pretty important idea. Let me write it again:

The more your team feels like you understand them and speak to their needs, the more engaging your employee engagement program will be. 

Cookie-cutter engagement tools can’t speak to everyone’s needs. You really need flexible employee engagement tools that can help your team feel heard and understood.

Have We Got News for You!

Look, if this is a frustrating blog post then we have fantastic news for you. Snowfly has solutions that can accommodate your flexible employee engagement needs. We’d write it all here but the best next step is to get on a demo! Click the link below and let’s get on a call!

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