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Employee Engagement, Incentives, and Culture Consulting

Employee engagement programs can, and should, work! One of the most disappointing things we here from organizational leaders is:

“We tried a rewards (or employee engagement) program, but it didn’t work.”

This makes us sad because we know it can work. We also know that rewards programs can be a lot more complex than you think. We’ve been in this business for over two decades and have helped organizations create rewards programs that have worked for years.

It’s a little more complex than just getting a spreadsheet to track who does what, and then throwing some money at them. That might work, in some situations, but it can be manipulated, or your team might get bored. Or, perhaps worse, your incentives and rewards system becomes an expected payout instead of a reward for going above and beyond.

From health care to hospitality, manufacturing to restaurant chains, small departments to entire organizations, we’ve walked clients through the ins and outs of rewards programs that are actually motivational and effective.¬† This experience helps us provide consulting services to help you create a program that your employees will use, and love, over many years. Our consulting is a core expertise we bring to save you time, money, frustration, and the costs that come with failed programs.

Even if you aren’t sure about using our software, let’s jump on a call and talk about some of the ideas we’ve learned.

Rewards and Incentives Programs Increase Employee Performance, Employee Engagement, and Employee Satisfaction

We have been working in organizations creating and optimizing rewards and incentives programs since the nineteen hundreds (well, 1999). We have set up incentives programs from scratch, we’ve come into failed programs where leadership and employees have lost confidence in the program, and we’ve tweaked programs what are working well to help them work much more efficiently and effectively.

We know that your concerns are longevity, budget, and leveraging your budget to get the most value. We also know you want to see a return on investment, and make sure the resources invested into your rewards program are producing real, and beneficial results.

When you meet with Snowfly about the unique aspects of your program, you’ll find we continue to focus on your organizational objectives. Whether that is better training¬† adherence or results, increases in employee performance, or a more cohesive culture, we stay true to your objectives.

Employee Engagement for ROI

We want to maximize the money you have budged for incentives. We focus on efficiency and effectiveness, process improvement, and engagement. Our models use real and effective aspects of gamification, and are saleable and flexible to help you deliver real results over the long term.

Ready to get serious about building a culture where performance improves, employee satisfaction increases, and other objectives are met?¬† We are too! Let’s get a call set up.

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