Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys

You can assume how engaged your employees are, but one of the best ways to find out how they feel is to ask them, anonymously (you can also create surveys that are non anonymous)! Your employees are anxious to work in a great environment, and many will tell you what you can do to fix the organizational culture, management, policies, etc. Sometimes you’ll get honest answers if you ask them directly, in-person. Many times they feel their input is overlooked, ignored, or gets them put on a blacklist.

Employee engagement surveys are a very simple tool that have a few complexities, but don’t worry! The Snowfly Engagement Suite has easy-to-create, easy-to-use employee engagement surveys that help you get the information you need to create an environment where you can have higher employee engagement, and all of the benefits you get from that.

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Employee Engagement Surveys Are Easy to Create

Employee engagement surveys are simply surveys with questions to help you understand how your employees feel about the culture, environment, their value, etc. There are a bunch of excellent resources we’ve collected to help you create the best employee engagement survey questions to really get the information you need. We’ll also help you identify poor survey questions that may be leading, misleading, or too full of jargon, getting in the way of getting responses that will help you.

Our survey tools are flexible and easy to use. You can easily copy-and-paste your questions into our survey creator, and then designate what kind of response you want (text, for explanations and descriptions, or numeric, to make getting survey reports easier to understand). Choose whether you allow respondants to answer anonymously or not, and with just a few clicks you can have your employee engagement survey live!

Employee Engagement Surveys Are Easy for Your Employees

Your employees simply click a link to begin their survey and where they can share their thoughts and feelings about your organization. They can do so from an email invitation or directly in the Snowfly system. You can even make the survey a highlighted item on their dashboard, encouraging them to participate if they haven’t responded yet.

You want this to be a delightful experience for your employees. They need it to be easy, or they might feel hesitant to spend their time sharing their input. Without their input you’ll be working off of assumptions. The more responses you get, the more data you have to understand where opportunities for improvement are. You can also use survey results to help fortify your employer brand, talking about why employees love working for you, and what keeps them contributing to your organizational mission.

Employee Engagement Surveys Are an Invaluable Tool

These surveys, and the results you get, can be an invaluable part of your overall strategy to create and strengthen a great culture. At Snowfly, we’ve worked for years helping organizations and teams improve cultures and work environments, and we know these results are just a part of the formula. Because of our experience, and what we’ve learned from our customers, we can help you use the data you collect to really make changes in your organization.

For example, if the results from your employee engagement surveys indicate problems, as reported by multiple respondants, you have some choices to make. You might make changes in leadership or policies, tools or benefits. You might choose to do nothing to fix the reported problems, which could be an acceptable strategy. But every response you get should be addressed, whether you make changes or not. This reinforces your efforts to hear your teams, and care about the issues they bring up.

One of the worst things you could do is to ignore the survey results. Your employees deserve to hear back from the survey. Use the survey as a tool, but make sure they are part of your overall culture strategy.

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We’d love to be a part of your continual journey to create a better culture. Our employee engagement surveys are a natural complement to the Snowfly rewards and incentives programs, as well as peer and manager recognition platform. It can be used on it’s own, or complemented with these, and other, tools to help you create the culture you want.

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