Employee Gamification Incentive Programs

Snowfly’s Employee Gamification Incentives and Rewards

Our unique gamification incentive approach enables your organization to create, implement, and manage effective incentive and recognition and reward programs that get results.

Snowfly Employee Gamification Incentive and Reward Programs

Snowfly’s technology, professional services, employee gamification, and innovative incentives and rewards approach can be used to accomplish various organizational objectives. Below are just a few examples. We’d love to hear what your needs are when it comes to gamification incentive programs… contact us to start a conversation!

Of the many changes we see when a successful employee gamification programs is supported by management and used by employees is a strong, positive culture. Employee satisfaction increases, employees feel respected, and they know their work will be recognized. Employee performance is increased, retention increases, and the employer brand strengthens, decreasing hiring costs. The benefits feel soft at first but they should impact your financials in multiple ways, including customer and employee retention.

Contact Center Performance

Snowfly employee incentives and rewards programs have proven to be effective when it comes to improving contact center KPIs, including these metrics:

  • Call Quality
  • Adherence to Schedule
  • Average Call Time
  • Sales Conversions
  • Survey Scores

Employee Recognition

When employees and their work are recognized, you create a positive and productive workplace. Employee recognition can happen in many ways. Snowfly gives another venue allowing for easy expressions of gratitude and recognition from managers and peers, privately and to internal teams. This could be more powerful than employee incentives and rewards. Everyone wants to know their work is seen and appreciated. This type of intrinsic reward has sometimes shown to be more valuable than extrinsic (read: cash) rewards. This is all about creating the culture where employees want to stay, and bring their best to work.

There are many ways to add recognition to your performance and employee incentives and rewards program, including employee-to-employee recognition programs, service awards and recognition, manager-to-staff recognition, and recognition for special achievements and promotions

Sales Optimization

Employee incentives and rewards have long been utilized to increase sales revenue. Snowfly automates and facilitates an incentive program to inspire sales teams to achieve the goals and activities that are essential to meeting, even surpassing, sales objectives. Snowfly makes it easy to reinforce, recognize, track, and pay out incentives for the following (and more):

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly sales achievements
  • Demonstrating product/service knowledge
  • Cross departmental referrals
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Appointments made/kept
  • Territory expansion
  • etc.

Employee Wellness

Employers are coming to the realization that they need to take new measures to “attack” the rising cost of healthcare at the root of the issue, which is individual wellness. These measures have included the implementation of corporate health and wellness improvement programs, which can significantly reduce healthcare costs as well as the high loss of productivity.

Snowfly’s employee gamification program is flexible enough to integrate with your organizational wellness program to create a total wellness solution. Because the system is part of overall incentives and recognition your employees are more likely to be engaged in your wellness program. An effective wellness program should inspire everyone to achieve their health related goals, resulting in cost savings and productivity improvements.

Service Awards and Recognition

Ever have someone forget your birthday? It can be tragic! Snowfly makes it easy to always and automatically recognize and even reward your employees when they reach key tenure milestones such as a work anniversary.

Operational Efficiency

Key to your organization’s success with an employee incentives and rewards program is that you improve organizational objectives, including reduce absenteeism, increasing performance, tracking improvements, an employee’s personal and professional development, attendance and effectiveness of training programs, customer service scores, etc.

When an employee incentives and rewards program focuses on flash and sizzle, and is beautiful, but doesn’t really address operational efficiency and improvements, you’ll waste your money. With Snowfly, your organizational objectives come first. Whatever you can measure and track, we can gamify and incentivize, leading to efficiencies and improvements!

Workforce Retention With Employee Gamification

Improved employee loyalty and retention should be a by-product of any well-run employee incentive program. With your Snowfly gamification and incentives program you can specifically target and reinforce employee turnover related activities. Because Snowfly’s founder, Dr. Brooks Mitchell, is a renowned expert on the subject of employee retention, our custom programs have retention as a key objective in any incentive program.

Workplace Safety

A workplace safety employee incentives and rewards program should be much more than simply recognizing employees for avoiding lost-time activities. We help you design a program to improve safety training programs and policies which can engage and recognize employees for a safe work environment, safe practices, safe equipment, and more. This should result in overall safety improvements and cost reduction related to injury and lost time.

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Peer Recognition

We touched on this above but it is worth repeating, and emphasizing. When you cultivate a culture where employees are encouraged to recognize others, amazing things happen at work. People look for the good in others. They are constantly looking out for someone doing their job well, or going the extra mile. When you partner with Snowfly we create gamification incentive programs with you that are designed to build morale and encourage teamwork. This happens when employees have a tool that is just a click away to recognize others, nominate them for awards, etc. Giving this power to your employees is a big reason employee gamification, incentive, and reward systems with Snowfly succeed.

Snowfly’s Employee Gamification Programs – You Tell Us!

One of the reasons we have been winning new business is because we haven’t come up with a cookie-cutter system that we force on you. Snowfly was designed with flexibility at every level in mind. This means we learn what your objectives are, then work with you to make sure our technology will fit well into your current systems and processes. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we can customize our system to meet your needs. Tell us about your employee gamification program needs.

Employee Gamification FAQs

What is employee gamification?

Adding gamification activities to the daily performance and activities of employees. Badges, leaderboards, Snowfly games, contests, incentives, etc.

How is gamification used in HR?

  • Encouraging good behavior
  • Encouraging performance
  • Combat boredom and turn-over on the job
  • Policy adoption and communication

Is there a downside to gamification?

Certainly. Here are a few:

  • Distraction
  • Employees don’t care about the gamification activities
  • Cost without attachment to ROI measures

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