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Employee Incentives With Excel Spreadsheets

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Snowfly Incentives Rewards Spreadsheets

Are you still doing employee incentives and employee rewards with spreadsheets? As Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame would say, “STOP THE MADNESS!!”

Employee incentive programs are a kind gesture that employers put in place to incentivize employees to do the right thing. They range from “Yay! You came back to work from your break on time!” to “Yahoo! You saved a customers relationship!” and everything in-between. Earning a few bucks here, a few hundred bucks there, can be a great help to employees, and can contribute to a better work environment. This can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction, higher retention, a better employer brand… all of those things that help people talk positively about your organization. Of course, all of these things can lead to increased employee performance.

Why not try to increase any of those important aspects?

So, someone had a great idea to put together an employee incentives program. A model was set up to figure out what to reward, how much to reward, when to reward, and try to figure out how to make it fair, motivating, and not easy to take advantage of. Someone was assigned to administrate the program, and spreadsheets and documents were made to track it all.

Hey, at least you aren’t running this out of a filing cabinet, right?

Over time, the spreadsheet gets updated and revised to accommodate all of the gotchas and things you hadn’t thought about at the beginning. Makes sense. You learn that this is a bit more complex than you realized. Then you find out some people have figured out how to game the system, which is disheartening. Others found out about this before management did, and the program becomes a bit of an office joke.

The administration of this program is starting to turn into a full time job, and new rules are put into place so people don’t take advantage of the system. Executives talk about the program and wonder if they should pull the plug… but if they do, what will the message be? What will the fallout be?

employee incentives with spreadsheets can become a mess!

Look, we have seen this time and again. We’ve been around since the 1900’s. Our founder pioneered new thinking in employee incentives, and Snowfly pioneered online incentive programs. If the organization above chooses to work with us, they’ll get two major benefits:

First, they’ll have an automated system that doesn’t require spreadsheets and spreadsheets.

The success or failure of the program doesn’t involve relying on a single person (or a team) to make sure incentives are tracked and paid out on time. Trust us, when you pay incentives late, you’ll have problems. Automation means you can turn the system on, tweak rules as needed, even set up temporary programs (like challenges, competitions, etc.), and not spend a lot of time behind the scenes. Administration is easy since we handle the complexity for you.

Did I mention reliable? When you use Snowfly you don’t need to worry about the person who admins it scheduling vacations at the wrong times. Instead of this being centric around one admin, the program is centric around our technology (which has very high uptime, speed, and reliability). And, you get a whole team behind you if you need, either to troubleshoot issues, talk about pros and cons of program changes, and even do custom development to satisfy your creative ideas.

Second, they’ll have access to a company that eats, breathes, and sleeps incentives.

Because Snowfly is not a cookie-cutter solution we have been able to see a lot of different incentives and rewards programs in different industries over decades. We’ve seen great ideas that didn’t work as well as great ideas that worked splendidly. We can talk about how to tighten your program and make it better, and how to roll it out to your organization so it sees optimal success.

Really, your success is our success. We want you to roll out these programs and have them adopted by your team, instead of sizzle for a few weeks and they die. Pushing out programs that die is a great way to lose confidence in leadership. The next time you roll out a program the confidence will have to be earned back as your team will be skeptical. We spend a lot of time helping you create a great program that is successful.

This is a huge reason to choose Snowfly. Yes, you could read articles, listen to podcasts, and read books about this stuff. But you might still not roll out a great program. This is our core competency. We want to be your consultants on this so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Ready to get started? Want to just kick the tires? Let’s get on a call and talk about what you need, and see if we can help.

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Jason Alba

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