3 Ways Snowfly Makes End-of-year Gift Rewards Easier for Everyone

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As we get closer to the end of the year, we are delighted to help our customers make end-of-year gift rewards easier for everyone, including the employees receiving the rewards and everyone involved on the back end (especially accounting and payroll).

In the Snowfly rewards system we have a bunch of ways your team can choose to receive rewards. Perhaps you have a company store with cool swag, or your employees choose from the many options we have available. We’ve found there are two types of rewards that are most popular:

  • Cash on their reloadable debit cards, or
  • A select gift card (like Amazon or Walmart)

These are popular because they are the most versatile to use. Getting a box of chocolates can be cool but getting more money on a company-branded debit card? That is super cool any time of the year.

End-of-year gifts are common and, sometimes, expected. They can also be a logistical nightmare for the teams putting them together, distributing them, making sure the proper payroll accounting is done, etc. It’s a lot of work.

Snowfly makes this entire process of end-of-year gift rewards easier for everyone, from the back-office teams to the employee receiving the rewards. Here are three ways we do this:

First, Our Rewards Infrastructure Is Already Built

We’ve had customers using our rewards system for many years. We’ve refined and tested it to the point where it feels seamless and touchless. We have built in all of the reporting on distributions for tax reconciliation. Our admin tools are easy and intuitive. Your customers are used to receiving rewards through our systems, so year-end rewards are convenient. No learning curve by anyone.

If any employee has been underutilizing the rewards program (for example, not claiming their rewards), this is a great way to get them back onto the system. Sometimes this is the little nudge they need to get back into recognition and rewards, which is what you want. A rewards program that employees don’t use is an unoptimized rewards program.

If you have been using a spreadsheet or manual tracking system to do this, please, please get on a call with us. We will show you something that is life-changing for some people in your organization. The amount of work that goes into a manual system can be overwhelming. And, it can be so complex that it is just waiting for human error to jump in. Trust us, this is something you don’t want to mess up or you’ll hear about it. You definitely don’t want this to backfire and have complaints and confusion during the holiday season.

Second, The Reloadable Debit Cards Are Crazy Simple

You tell us who gets the cards and we order them. Easy as that. Your employees get a card that has your organization’s branding and their name on it. What better way to reinforce the employee/employer relationship with a branded card they associate with rewards, money, and goodness?

Let’s say an employee earned $50 here, $50 there throughout the year. It’s time for the end-of-year rewards or gift. All you have to do is tell us how much to put on which cards and that’s it. We put the money on the cards and the employee has immediate access. They don’t have to wait for another card to be distributed, they don’t have to wait for something special in the mail, and they don’t have to commute into the office to get it.

end-of-year gift rewards easier reloadable debit cards

Seriously, talk about making end-of-year gift rewards easier for everyone!

Third, This System Can Easily Be Reused Next Year

Have you ever had some genius put together a system as complex as the year-end rewards system, deliver it impeccably, and then leave your organization? You have to recreate the wheel, as the say, next year, and the year after, and the year after. It can be exhausting. It’s definitely not efficient.

Partnering with Snowfly means you use the same system throughout the year, and every time you want to give rewards or gifts. We become your consistent, reliable tool that allows you to be more creative, more flexible, more responsive to your employee’s needs. You can use Snowfly even as you adjust your rewards program. We can change and grow with you. When you have staffing changes you don’t have to worry about complex systems needing to be rebuilt. We provide training material and resources to help your new staff come up to speed on this system that everyone is used to, and that has been proven to work in your organization.

I mentioned the accounting reports. This is one of the more complex parts of a rewards system and you don’t want the IRS knocking on your door because someone’s home-grown system didn’t account for it.

I haven’t even talked about the power of an employee rewards system with gamification. This is so awesome because it helps increase the perceived value of your rewards dollars which means your company gets more “bang for the buck” with your rewards budget!

Want to talk about how to make your end-of-year gift rewards easier? We’d love to talk about it and show you what we are doing. Reach out here and we’ll show you how it can make your team’s job easier and your employees experience richer:

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