Gamification and Incentives Programs Outside of Call Center? YES!

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Over the years we have been asked about our customers, and how they use gamification and incentives. Because we have a lot of call center customers, we have a lot of examples and stories from call centers.

The next question is: what about outside of a call center environment? Is gamification and incentives an effective performance tool for other departments?

Absolutely and of course. While a call center is optimized for this type of program, other workflows, departments, and roles are, too. Here’s one example, with servers in a restaurant:

But what about more traditional office jobs? White colors and dockers might have given way for a more casual dress code, but the principles of human behavior, incentives, and gamification are the same. We want to be valued, recognized, and get rewarded.

When I asked the team for different types of use cases for Snowfly incentives, performance, gamification, and recognition, I got some great answers. The umbrella answer is: “If you can track it, we can gamify it!”  If you have any data you are collecting, and trends you are watching, we can work with that. (If you don’t, let’s talk about what you should be tracking!)

Examples in Sales

  • Commissions
  • Script Adherence
  • Peripheral selling
  • Daily activities that “lead to close”

Examples in HR

  • Performance reviews
  • On-boarding activities/paperwork
  • Training
  • Policy and procedure refreshers
  • Compliance activity verification
  • Anniversary rewards
  • Peer recognition
  • Supervisor recognition

Examples in software development or QA

  • Product/Feature release on time
  • Compliment/positive mentions
  • Bug fixes
  • Support response times
  • Certifications
  • Training

Examples in CX and onboarding

  • Positive customer mention
  • Met timelines
  • Good/creative suggestions feedback
  • Feedback implemented by client
  • Up-sell occured
  • NPS/CSAT (Customer feedback scores)

What is your situation? What department are you in, or that needs some gamification fun to increase job satisfaction and performance?

Give us a call… we’d love to brag about our stuff and talk about how Snowfly incentives and performance with gamification can help meet your organizational objectives!

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