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Gamification with Speech Analytics?

By August 17, 2020 One Comment
Snowfly Gamification Speech Analytics

Oh yeah, now things are getting exciting. 

A lot of the stuff we talk about can sound like jargon, so let me do some quick definitions so we are on the same page.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is simply tapping into human nature to get us excited about doing things. Video game designers are, of course, experts at gamification. The way the develop games gets us to want to do one more game, get to the next level, or get a higher score. Gamification has made its way into business applications. You’ve likely heard of badges, levels, leaderboards…. these are some of the many examples of gamification. No matter what it looks like, the idea is to engage users and encourage them to actually use (and be excited about using) your system or tools.

Here are two excellent blog posts we wrote in 2017 about gamification:

Does Gamification in the Workplace Really Work?

The Why and How of Gamification

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics might be one of the most exciting technical inventions of this century. I think it is still in its infancy, although we are seeing things progress rapidly. I mean seriously, isn’t it exciting how we can talk to our phone and have speech-to-text interact with websites, search engines, maps, etc.? What an exciting time we live in. This is just one component of speech analytics… imagine giving a manager the ability to know why your best sales agents are your best, and why your worst are your worst, in real time? This is accomplished with speech analytics. More than transcription, speech analytics takes the words said and then runs through a series of algorithms to determine WHY.

What is it about the best agents that make them the best? Maybe they say the same things, or they say things in a certain order. Maybe it’s because they say the customer’s name a certain number of times. Maybe it’s because they double check (verify) the customer email address, phone number, or credit card.

Snowfly Speech Analytics Confusing Call

Speech analytics can give you insight into why your lower performers are consistently bad. Maybe it’s because they never say the customer’s name. Or, they call the customer “dude” or “boss” (two things I find annoying). There could be a hundred reasons they are failing. Or, you could take the success factors from the top performers and train your worst performers to improve. I’d call that a win (for you) win (for them) win (for the customer).

When you use Snowfly Speech Analytics to understand what is happening on calls, and get grades, reports, notices of red flags or things that shoudl be addressed immediately, there’s no reason to not have better metrics. Either you train your team based on this data or you have data to help you know who needs to leave your team. Speech analytics is a powerful tool that will likely be commonplace in the next decade.

Where Gamification and Speech Analytics Meet

Okay, so we get gamification and we get speech analytics. Where do they intersect?

If you can measure or track it, Snowfly can gamify it. And, fortunately, we can measure and track from Snowfly Speech Analytics. Imagine you are an agent that is on twenty calls today. In your Speech Analytics dashboard you will see the results of those calls… we can show you transcripts, and highlight any part of the conversation where you did well or where you messed up. Each call can have a grade… let’s say it’s an A through F grade.

See what I did there? I just mentioned just three of the many things you can track:

  1. Number of positive or good things the agent did
  2. Number of negative or bad things the agent did
  3. Twenty grades per agent per day

Because we have data, we can gamify and incentivize behavior. We can do this throughout the day, where the agent can see how they are trending and work on improving to increase their overall score by the end of the day. We can also do this over time, where we can see how an agent progresses from week to week (maybe moving from a D+ out of training to a B+ three months later).

Leaderboards can help each agent see how they are doing, and how that compares to their colleagues. If your culture is one of growth and recognition, this can be a great incentive for agents to do better, and implement things from training meetings.

Snowfly Leaderboards Fun

You already knew you could incentivize and gamify just about any metric you are already tracking. Now you know we can tie the immense powers of speech analytics with our own powerful tools with the immense powers of gamification together. No longer are we just looking at data and information, we are using that data and information to incentivize better behavior and results.

Want to see how this works? We’d love to show you. Contact Snowfly to set up a demo… we’re sure we’ll impress you with what we have.

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Jason Alba

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