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Snowfly Speech Analytics for Call Centers Sales Teams

Last year we talked about speech analytics, and how it differs from transcriptions and how to really leverage the value of speech analytics with other features.

I want to talk about how you would use speech analytics in your organization to get the most value. It’s critical that you understand your business objectives so adding speech analytics as a strategic tool helps you accomplish those objectives. Instead of getting speech analytics just to say you have it, let’s make sure you are using it purposefully.

Define Your Business Objectives

If I were to run a call center or sales center, I would want my calls to be excellent. I want my call center agents to effectively mitigate customer issues, and somehow end the call with (a) a resolution to the issue, and (b) hopefully a delighted customer. Of course, you might have other things to add to that list, such as accurate information (customer email, customer phone number, customer credit card, etc.).

List your best-scenario results from each call, which becomes your call objectives. Once you understand exactly what you want from calls you are prepared to set up the criteria in your Snowfly Speech Analytics program to monitor, track, and measure how your agents do on calls.

I should note, this information is great for your agents to know. Remember in high school, taking a test and wondering where any of the test questions came from because they were completely unfamiliar to you? It’s unfair to test a student on something different than what you said you would test them on. Same at work: to help any employee succeed at work, make it crystal clear how you will measure their success.

Speech Analytics Tools

Speech analytics should largely be a black-box experience for most users. Whether you are the agent on the phone or a sales or call center manager, most of the time you’ll want to see results of calls in a nice format. What happens behind the scenes… how the call gets transcribed, how the analytics engine goes through the call, how the grades are determined, etc. are largely something that should just work.

Of course, there is planning and work that goes into setting all of this up, but once you have it set up, it should just work. The most important speech analytics tool that everyone will see (from the agent to executives) will be the reports. Reports should be real time (how did I do on that call?), trended (how have I progressed this month), and accessed through mobile, web, email, in other ways that make sense for your organization (like, a direct API into your BI system).

Other important speech analytics tools include anything to help set up the program, including getting your recordings into Snowfly, as well as configuration and admin tools to help ensure each person gets the data they need, when they need it. What an agent needs will be different than what a manager needs than what an exec needs.

Using Speech Analytics Results

Companies use speech analytics to make better decisions, figure out areas of optimization, and understand areas of risk. When you have identified your business objectives (close deals faster, bigger ticket price, reduce call time in support, etc.), you can align the reports, or results, to what you need.

Want to figure out how to improve all calls? Look at the trends across the organization. Or, learn from what your top performers are doing and incorporate that into training for the rest of your team. Maybe use that data for raises or promotions. Even closely monitor violations that could cause fines, and get ahead of them before they become real problems.

Your speech analytics program should be one of the most important tools you have to help optimize resources and identify opportunities. Once you have insight at this level we are sure you won’t be able to imagine doing business without it!

Want to talk speech analytics?

At Snowfly we have specialized in employee incentives and rewards, and recognition and performance for over two decades. We can easily integrate these tools, based on gamification that works, into a speech analytics program so you can see real results real quick. We’d love to chat. Reach out to us here, learn more about what we have and how we can help you this year!

Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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