Incentive Program Success: Call Center Improves Call Quality

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Call Quality Improvement
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Target Audience: Inbound Contact Center Agents

Primary Objective: Improve the Customer Experience

Background: A provider of contact center services wanted to improve the quality in which it’s agents handled inbound calls for one of its major clients, a large provider of health insurance plans. The contact center’s pre-established method for measuring call quality consisted of monitoring calls at random and giving them “Call Quality Scores” based on how well the agents performed and demonstrated key criteria.

Enter Snowfly!
The contact center worked with Snowfly to design and implement a cloud-based incentive management system. The recognition/reward threshold (the level of achievement required to earn recognition) for Call Quality Scores was set at 100. Upon program roll-out, when agents achieved a Call Quality Score of 100, their individual online accounts were automatically credited with a Snowfly Game Token. Upon receiving the game token an agent got to play a quick online game that yielded a random number of points valued at $0.01 each. Ultimately, an agent’s total point dollar value was reflected on the agent’s personal debit card.

Results:  As the graph below illustrates, the percentage of monitored calls which received a call quality Score of 100 increased steadily upon rolling out their Snowfly-facilitated incentive system. Furthermore, according to contact center leadership, these quantifiable improvements came in addition to a noticeable improvement in agent morale.

Call Quality Improvement

With Snowfly Gamification – Contact Center Call Quality Improved

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