SUCCESS: Snowfly Game Driven Incentives Improve Attendance

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Background:A manufacturing facility needed to improve attendance among floor employees.

Snowfly’s Solution: Via Snowfly’s internet-based incentive system, the organization automatically rewarded eligible employees 8 Snowfly Game Tokens when they achieved perfect attendance over a two-week period. When employees earned Game Tokens, they earned the opportunity to play a quick game. Every game yielded a random number of Points. Participating employees could then redeem Points in exchange for cash which was immediately delivered via the participants own debit card.

Results: As the chart below illustrates, BEFORE Snowfly Intervention during any given two-week period, an average of 41% of the participant base achieved perfect attendance. WITH Snowfly, in the two years plus following Snowfly intervention, the average percentage of employees achieving perfect attendance during any given two-week period was 64%.

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