One of the most common questions we hear at Snowfly is regarding the different industries our customers are operating within. Questions like: “What verticals do you sell to?” or “What is your ‘typical’ customer like?” While these are valid questions, there simply isn’t a real cut-and-dry answer because the honest truth is that our customers fall into many industries, across many verticals, and are as diverse and unique as the programs we build and support for them.

Because of this diversity among our customers, many prospective clients ask if we are familiar with “Industry X” and if so, what experience do we have and how have we worked with other clients whose issues may be similar to theirs? In order to better address those questions, we have decided to produce a multi-part series of articles that specifically address the unique needs and challenges of different industries by focusing on one industry at at time. We will be releasing one new article each week every Tuesday for the next several weeks.

If there is an industry or client type that you are interested in us addressing specifically, please let us know at or via LinkedIn or Twitter (@Snowfly_Inctvs).

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