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“Spotlight” Area New Program Updates – October 2018

By October 17, 2018 June 28th, 2019 No Comments

Snowfly has released a couple more new features within our platform recently. These specific tools all focus on the “Spotlight” area of the main dashboard screen:

SPECIAL REWARDS TIED TO COMPANY CORE VALUES:  Special Rewards can now be tied to a specific Company Core Value when creating the Special Reward for another user. Company-specific Core Values such as “Hard Work” or “Being a Team Player” can be pre-loaded into the program and then selected by a Supervisor from a drop-down list to be included in the public recognition view of that reward in the Spotlight area of the program. What internal Core Values do you want to encourage?

BADGES TIED TO SPECIFIC REWARDS & VISIBLE ON USERS’ PROFILE IMAGE:  Any reward created within the platform can now include a “badge” that is associated with that reward. Yep, you heard that right…any reward can now be made into a badge…if desired. The badges can include specific icons that will then automatically be embedded in the profile image(s) of those program participants who earn that reward. For example: an employee could be recognized as the “Employee of the Month” and by earning that reward, an EOM “badge” can be applied to his/her profile image which will publicly display in the Spotlight area for everyone else to see it. That user would carry around the EOM “badge” on their profile for as long as you want.

SOCIAL RECOGNITION AND COMMENT AREAS OF SPOTLIGHT:  In the Spotlight area of the main dashboard, peers can “recognize” the achievements of one another as well as leave additional comments for each other. This allows for additional engagement activities and higher social/peer interactions with the program for the achievements of your team.

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