OOPS! Employee Appreciation Day Is Today!!

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Snowfly Employee Recognition Appreciation Day

Um… don’t know how to tell you this but your employees are wondering if you remembered.

Don’t make this like that time their friend forgot their birthday! If you have forgotten Employee Appreciation Day is today, here’s your plan:

  1. Drop everything you were going to work on this morning.
  2. Go to the store and get a sheet cake with “We Appreciate You!” Tacky, I know, but you are very short on time!
  3. Schedule an all-hands meeting for 2:30 in the conference or lunch room.
  4. Prepare some words that the right leader should share, something about how they are the reason you are still in business, thank you for all of your work and efforts this last year, let’s make this year great, etc.
  5. Beg your leadership to hang around for the next 30 minutes so they can chat cordially with the team, instead of rushing of to more important things.
  6. Call Snowfly to schedule a meeting next week so next year’s Employee Appreciation Day isn’t as bad as today’s, and to talk about putting together a real employee recognition program that will change your culture.

Get in touch with us here, and change your work environment forever! For a taste of what we’ll talk about, read this post.

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Jason Alba

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