Peer Recognition and Management Recognition

Receiving recognition and kudos from peers and bosses is one of the most powerful forms of intrinsic rewards, and is sometimes more valuable than bonuses.

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Peer recognition and manager recognition have been hot topics amongst effective leaders and managers, as well as HR, for decades. Recognizing work done well, and having managers recognize their team members, has a profound impact on employee loyaltee, performance, retention, and other important metrics. Snowfly has tools that makes peer recognition and manager recognition easy and automated.

Peer Recognition Programs

Peer recognition is an important component to creating and nurturing a work environment that people want to contribute to. Receiving recognition from coworkers and colleagues is highly gratifying, helping people feel like their work is seen and important. Giving recognition can be as satisfying as receiving it. As your team thinks about others, looking for things to recognize and reward, they think differently about one another, and contributions each person brings to the team. Managers can harness this to drive a culture of appreciation.

With Snowfly, everyone can easily recognize and even nominate coworkers for company-wide recognition. You can choose to allow employees to even gift incentive points to one another, which means recognition can be both intrinsic and extrinsic.

Manager Recognition Programs

Everyone wants to know their work matters and is aligned with organizational objectives. When a manager expresses appreciation and recognizes your work, you feel appreciated. Organizations studies from the mid-1900s show that this recognition, also known as an intrinsic reward, is a powerful factor contributing to employee satisfaction and employee performance.

Peer recognition and manager recogntion by SnowflyThe Snowfly tools make it easy for managers to thank and recognize employees publicly or privately. This recognition can be for major or minor accomplishments. When a manager recognizes positive traits and behaviors, employees know they are doing the right things. Continual recognition is key to helping employees know when they are performing well and what they should keep doing. Leaders should encourage managers to make recognition a continual activity. Snowfly makes continual recognition easy. As a bonus, managers can tie into the incentive features to award points, redeemable to rewards, when giving recognition.

Service Awards and Recognition

Peer recognition and manager recognition can change your organizational culture. Snowfly helps you easily set up automated anniversary and years-of-service recognition when employees hit important milestones. Snowfly makes it easy to make sure every employee gets automatic recognition (and optionally rewards) when hitting these milestones.

Recognize Special Employee Achievements

With Snowfly you can easily recognize individuals for special achievements such as employee of the month, exemplary performance, completion of training programs, etc. What special achievements are you already recognizing and rewarding? We’d love to talk about how peer recognition and manager recognition can be more automated, freeing up your valuable time instead of administrating spreadsheets to keep track of all of this.

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