Snowfly Consulting & Analytics: Creating Real Change Through Actionable Data

During the process of providing effective and customized services to fit your needs, a lot of data points are generated. Data, in the correct hands and in the correct format can alter almost any situation. We use the data that is generated from our services to provide actionable data, meaning data that will drive behavior in the desired direction. This is accomplished in a myriad of ways: real-time results reporting, performance and budget forecasting, and trend and relationship analysis using our proprietary AI framework.

Consulting Services

We're not just a service,

  • Incentive Program Development

    We have 12 years experience setting up and improving incentive programs. Let us help you with yours.

  • Hiring and Retention Practices

    We are pioneers in smart match hiring and can help setup or improve your hiring and retention practices.

  • Partner Resources

    We’re dedicated to help solve your problems, if those fall outside of our realm of expertise, we have numerous partners that can help.


We don’t only provide services, we can help you create or improve on your current processes.

Let us help you with yours!


We don’t only provide services, we can help you create or improve on your current processes.

Let us help you with yours!


Real-Time Reporting

Data and reports are available throughout the site providing real-time feedback for the employee up to the executive. Data, in every step of our process is reported and catered to each unique user experience.

There are immediate performance & result graphs and charts for every user type. There are leader and competition boards for engagement. Most importantly, there are administrative tools and data available to help users take informed and directed action toward organizational success and improvement on any of our software platforms.


  • Performance & Results
  • Leaderboards & Competition
  • Administrative Details


For incentive programs everywhere, budget is always an issue. In most cases, when a new Snowfly program is implemented, performance immediately improves, thus increasing incentive payouts. Due to our unique platform, budget forecasting and adjustments are not only necessary, but built-in. Our system will help you stay in budget while seeing significant improvements to your overall performance.

Let us help you improve your performance and get the most out of your budget!


  • Budget Forecasting
  • Performance Forecasting
  • Real-time Adjustments


Smart Data Analysis

Snowfly has developed a learning platform that helps us find trends and relationships in the data from our systems.

Our incentive system uses a trend and relationship tool using incentive data to provide feedback on budget usage and adjustments, KPI effectiveness, and trends in performance and retention.

Our smart hiring process can intelligently match users to jobs, cultures, and companies using data relationships not visible to general data analysis.


  • Budget Analysis
  • KPI Effectiveness
  • Smart Hiring and Matching