Snowfly Selections:
Automating the Hiring Process

Employee Hiring Made Simpler: Snowfly Selections


Accurately "predicting" the success of potential new hires is a skill which hiring managers must develop. Statistically speaking though, hiring the best person for the job, especially the first time, happens far less often than most people want to admit. Using statistical indexing, first-time hiring accuracy can be significantly improved and turnover rates can be dramatically reduced.

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Weighted Application Blanks (WABs) are tools which assign weighted mathematical values to individual answers on questionnaires based upon the importance of each question in order to provide an overall score for each person who has answered the questionnaire. Using WABs allows for individual scores to be compared with one another in an objective manner and to ultimately rank the responses.

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Snowfly's team of hiring experts will execute a strategic validity study which delivers a customized pre-hiring questionnaire for your specific organization and open position(s). The validity study statistically identifies the most relevant behavioral and biographical metrics of ideal candidates for hire and determines the point values and weightings of questions within the WAB tool.

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Many companies claim they can help improve your hiring process and will save you money by statistically reducing turnover, but most of these companies require expensive annual validity studies to ensure the accuracy of their hiring questionnaires.
THIS is where Snowfly is different...our system learns on its own and becomes statistically more accurate over time...AUTOMATICALLY.

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