In October 2006, Regence (BCBS in the Pacific NW) began their journey with Snowfly. Ten years later, Regence is still a satisfied customer and continues to benefit from their program which was featured as a Snowfly Case back in November of 2006!

“In October 2006 a real-time, automated, behavioral, game-based performance and rewards program was implemented for 1,400 employees at Regence, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association operating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plans in Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho. At the beginning of the 6-month pilot period, employee performance goals were established to improve the plan member experience. As the goals were achieved, participants were immediately rewarded with eTokens that could be used to play quick, online games which yielded a random number of points. Point winnings were instantly transferred to VISA@ debit cards allowing participating employees “freedom of choice” redemption. Results and ROI were uniformly positive and the program has since been extended to an additional 3,000 employees throughout the organization.”

Regence Case Study – 2006

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