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Pluralsight FREEapril

Pluralsight LogoHere’s some good news for you and your team. Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone.

Pluralsight is the leading online learning environment for technical professionals. They have all of the courses your programmers, IT, even graphics artists should want.

What you may not know is they have plenty of courses for business professionals and those who work with customers. We just sent an email to some people in our lists letting them know about Pluralsight and their #FREEapril offer, where you can get access to their entire library for free during the entire month of April. In this blog post I wanted to make 10 suggestions to inspire you and your teams to work on yourself. To, as Stephen Covey said, sharpen your saw.

To get your #FREEapril Pluralsight account simply click the icon to the right, or any of the images below. Then you can click on any of the links to my suggestions to watch them, for free.

Oh yeah, no credit card required, if you use correct form to signup (click the icon to the right to go to the right form).

Becoming a Better Listener

This continues to be a popular soft skills / professional development course. I’m not going to say developers need it more than anyone else because, really, we could all stand to improve our listening skills. In addition to the 1 hour 34 minute course, there is a great discussion in the comments. (This is one of my (Jason Alba) courses)

Management 101

This was one of my earlier courses, and one of the first that didn’t focus on job search or career management. It is also my longest course, coming in at almost 3.5 hours. But there is a reason for that. I took my entire business undergrad and my MBA experience and tried to wrap it up into what I casually call my “mini-MBA” course. Of course, you won’t get an MBA, or a mini-MBA, but if you are interested in management or leadership roles, this is a great course to “skill up” in this area.

Leadership for Non-managers

This is one of my newest Pluralsight courses, and was a lot of fun to put together. Instead of talking about leadership or management to leaders and managers, I had the opportunity to talk about leadership principles to people who want to focus on their careers, and learn leadership skills for when they have the opportunity to be a leader. Actually, one of my beliefs is that we are all leaders, in one way or another… so this course is just an opportunity to sync up with leadership principles to just be a better person.

How to Get Your Next Promotion

Okay, perhaps no one is getting a promotion this month, but this course could be called How to Be An Excellent Employee. I created this course with the idea of mentoring perhaps a younger me on how to excel, from a boss’s perspective. What would I, as a boss, want a younger me to know? Be proactive, learn, grow, etc. It’s all in this course.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

I have a few courses on understanding others, including Working on a Team and Working and Communicating with Different Personalities.  This course, though, was ground-breaking for me. It was thrilling to really dig into emotional intelligence and take some of the mystery and misconceptions out of it. Learn the difference and relationship between feelings and emotions. Learn why emotional intelligence is not about being intelligent or knowledgeable about emotions, but so much more. This course should help you work better with others, and even understand yourself more.

Pluralsight Free April Stay Home Skill Up FreeBecoming a Business Analyst (learning path)

This is a great introduction to the fascinating world of business analysts. There are other learning paths related to business analysts, like the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) path which “fulfills “the required 35 hours of Professional Development,” and prepares you for the exams. What a great way to get new skills and launch yourself into a new career path! Courses are prepared by renowned experts including Jamie Champagne, Casey Ayers, and Milena Pajic.

Project Management Professional – PMI – PMP (r) Exam Prep (learning path)

Can I just say that I’m astonished that this learning path exists in Pluralsight? The list price of Pluralsight is somewhere around $300 or $400 (but right now you can get it for free all month!). If you were to pay for PMP preparation courses on their own you are easily talking about hundreds, sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars. This exam prep learning path is included in the Pluralsight library, and it is phenomenal. With over a dozen courses meticulously prepared by Casey Ayers, this is might be one of the smartest investments you ever make in your career.

Project Management Basics for Non-project Managers

Need a more gentle introduction to project management? Shelley Benhoff has you covered with this two hour course. Look, project management skills are in high demand. Whether you attach them to programmers or not, learning about the basics should only help your career and advancement opportunities. This is a great way to dip your toes into project management.

The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations

John Papa is a popular Pluralsight author and speaker. This 2.5 hours course should be a “must view” during April. He talks about using stories in presentations, enhancing your visual, and other aspects of professional speakers. If you want to learn from an expert, this is definitely a course to watch.

Increasing Productivity by Beating Procrastination

Alright… it is April 6th. You have just a few weeks to take advantage of #FREEapril… don’t procrastinate this opportunity (although the annual license fee is very reasonable). Stephen Haunts has a bunch of professional development courses… this is one that we should all watch. Don’t procrastinate watching this to the end of the month, though!

There you go, just a few suggestions to get you started. There are over 7,000 courses to choose from. Tell your Development department and IT professionals to GET ON THIS #FREEapril opportunity. Everyone in tech should have Pluralsight account. You can see, from the list above, that there are plenty of reasons non-techies should be on Pluralsight, too.

One more thing… please forward this blog post to as many people as you can. We can all stand to brighten April of 2020 with self-improvement, professional development, and sharpening our own saw. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to prove we have the skills to make us valuable!

Click the image below to get started with your own #FREEapril Pluralsight account!

Pluralsight FREEapril

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