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Snowfly Industry-Specific Article Series – Part 3: Healthcare/Health Insurance Organizations

By August 21, 2018 June 28th, 2019 No Comments

Snowfly’s long-standing relationships with companies within the Healthcare and Health Insurance industries offer some unique use cases for our software system. Because many of these customers require that their employee recognition opportunities are very job-specific and are often focused primarily around customer service and/or patient care feedback, Snowfly has adapted over the years to change right along with the landscape of healthcare and health insurance providers.

In these highly specialized and highly technical job roles, care must be given to ensure that the overall customer/patient experience is the paramount driver of success. Peer-to-Peer recognition is a hallmark of many of our healthcare related client programs because a work environment that fosters teamwork and ensuring that the client/patient has the best possible customer service experience is the ultimate goal. Despite Peer-to-Peer recognition being present in all of these programs, each of our client companies handles their P2P recognition process differently. Some choose to reward all those who are recognized by a peer, some choose to make each individual peer recognition an entry into an overall contest for the end of the month, quarter, or year. No matter how it is accomplished, providing co-workers with the ability to recognize one another for the daily small and simple things, or even the big unexpected things, builds cohesion and camaraderie within the workplace.

Another benefit of using the Snowfly platform for these industry clients is their ability to assign, track, and follow-up on required trainings that must be completed by employees to remain current with industry compliance standards. Because many of these individuals are working with customer/patient personal sensitive and confidential information (PPI/PCI), their employers are required to provide proof of PPI/PCI compliance and completion of mandatory training for each employee who has access to any such information. Providing a simple and effective way to communicate to the employee which training modules need to be completed, which training modules have already been completed, and rewarding employees for staying current on their training and certifications makes tracking this important data very easy. The Snowfly system also allows the employer to put the responsibility on the shoulders of the employees themselves to maintain their certifications, especially if they want to earn the incentive rewards that are tied to those behaviors.

Finally, due to the highly-skilled and often specialized positions that are filled by the employees of our customers within these industries, ensuring that a fully-staffed workforce is present for each day is critical to the success of the organization. Because one individual in a given department may not be able to fill in at another position if someone else is out unexpectedly, it becomes even more critical to ensure that daily employee attendance and schedule adherence are both emphasized. For most of these clients, that includes rewards that earned for daily/weekly/monthly attendance metrics and schedule adherence as well as being vigilant in pre-planning and receiving prior approval for any requests for vacation and/or time-off. Unexpected absences due to employees calling-in to work or simply missing their scheduled shifts without any explanation are highly disruptive and often very costly for these companies. By providing incentives to those employees who are able to accrue long periods of time without any unexpected absences or un-planned time away from work (coming into work late or needing to leave work early), the emphasis is placed upon reinforcing the desired attendance behaviors of the organization; those employees who then meet or exceed those expectations are rewarded for doing so.

Snowfly’s expertise in working with multiple healthcare/health insurance companies has grown over the years which has given us the opportunity to learn what behaviors and rewards are truly effective for this type of client. As we have proven with these industry customers, the flexibility to adapt to the changes within the industry has made Snowfly an important partner in the successful care of their customers/patients by their employees; when you demonstrate care for the well-being and success of your employees, they will in-turn exhibit that same care and concern for your customers.

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