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Snowfly was founded in 1999. The premise of Snowfly, based on years of research and design, was to help managers improve performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

This was before employee performance and employee satisfaction were as big a deal as they are now.

The role of managers was to optimize… value, processes, systems, speed to market, profits, etc.

Snowfly Performance Management

In today’s workforce, employees are arguable the most important competitive advantage any company has. Yes, you can optimize and increase things, but imagine if your workforce quit today. How well could you operate?

The shift from processes and procedures to employee performance has happened because the processes and procedures have improved. Once they got to a point of efficient assembly-line performance, it was time to look at other areas to optimize. And we have settled on optimizing the employee experience.

Thank goodness!

Employees expect a certain work environment now. I’m not talking about entitlement to pool tables and never-ending snacks. I’m talking about basic human respect from leaders to workers. I’m talking about opportunities for growth. Employees want to know they are a part of something great. And of course, they want to know they are being compensated fairly.  We expect better communication.

What if we don’t get those things?

I recently heard that 71% of employees are in a job search. SEVEN OUT OF TEN! 

If we don’t get what we feel like we deserve, we look elsewhere. I’m not talking about entitlement, I’m talking about expectations. Especially in today’s environment, with a booming economy (we all know that can change, but for a few years it’s been an employee’s market), people get to choose where they want to be.

Are you creating an environment where people want to be?

Over the next few posts we’ll dive into performance management. If the words make you cringe, don’t worry. They make me cringe a little, too. I’ll address that.

But for now, sleep on this concept. Think about what you are doing to create an environment where your employees want to be. How can you greatly reduce the number from 71% of employees looking for another job to maybe 51%, or 31%, or 11%?

There are definitely things you can do. But you have to be creative. You have to be strategic. You have to design them into your culture.

And we want to help you do it.

If this sounds fun and exciting, stay tuned to the blog. Or reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.

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Jason Alba

Jason Alba

I'm passionate about building great cultures. I love respect in the workforce, especially respect that is earned. I love strategic management, leadership, and vision. I love healthy companies through profitability. I love employee engagement, employee performance, and employee satisfaction. I love how Snowfly can help YOUR organization work towards all of these things.

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