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Employee Wellness.  Seems like a program right out of the 1980’s, doesn’t it? Well, apparently it is, along with The Goonies, Stranger Things, and some of the best music to ever hit the airwaves.

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The Goonies, while a classic, didn’t age particularly well, but employee wellness programs have. For almost thirty years organizations around the globe have actually stuck with this emphasis on improving wellness of individuals. Of course, bosses and owners concerned with your wellness wasn’t invented in the 80’s, but this is when it started to become more common in the workforce.

Wellness is (definitely) still a thing

Is that because employers recognize that physically and mentally healthy workers are better workers? Or might it be because physically and mentally healthy workers cost less (sick leave, insurance premiums, productivity issues, etc.)? Who knows…. but that we are still talking about it today is awesome.

Snowfly Wellness Mental Health Relax

Snowfly, pioneering employee incentives since 1999, has a perfect model for supporting a wellness program. Of course, we didn’t have the kind of technology we have today, but our incentive programs from 1999 were designed from years of research on how people think and what motivates them. This includes motivation to do a better job, be better people, contribute to the company culture, be more dependable, etc.

You can’t really take one tiny aspect of being better, like wellness, and separate it out into it’s own program. Well, I guess you can, because companies do it. But should you?

We realize that you might just be looking for a wellness program. We aren’t going to argue that you should also include employee recognition (a great motivator), manager recognition (another great motivator), or whether you need to use intrinsic or extrinsic rewards. We know that your organization has unique aspects with culture, people, the market, size, growth trajectory, management and leadership, etc. There are a multitude of ways your organization is different, and because of that you need your own program that meets your needs.

Snowfly Incentives and Snowfly Performance has been designed to be about as flexible as possible. Do you need a program that focuses on smoking cessation? Easy to do with Snowfly. Do you want a program to reward walkers/runners, or weight loss? No problem. Do you need a program that helps with mental illness. Check – we got you covered.

Snowrfly Wellness Hiking OutdoorsHow about a program that does each of those, in an integrated way? YES. 

How about a program… this one is critical… that allows you to change with whatever changes your organization needs? Again, YES.

Snowfly is highly customization. We were built that way from the beginning. If you need something “different,” it is usually no problem.

What if you don’t have a wellness program?

No problem. Now is a good time to start one. There is a lot of literature on how to create a successful wellness program. We have experience, working with our customers, talking through scenarios and program setup, and we’d be happy to talk to you about your needs and ideas.

Whatever you come up with, we can most likely accommodate. Flexibility is one of our strengths.

Integrating with other programs?

Another strength is that we are not just a wellness program system. Customers use Snowfly to improve employee performance. This can be done with incentives, recognition, badges and gamification, etc.

When you incorporate your wellness program into your performance program, and your employees feel like there is one single, seamless incentives program, you reinforce your culture.

Isn’t that, after all, what you are ultimately after? 

Ready for wellness? Let’s talk. We’d love to jump on a call and understand your needs and objectives. Reach out to us here:

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