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Reloadable Debit Cards with Custom Designs

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Snowfly Reloadable Debit Cards

Please tell me you have heard of reloadable debit cards, and you have them in your rewards and incentives program!

Years ago I was in youth leader position where kids would be rewarded if they met certain goals. I think it was if they read above and beyond, or if they did extra homework, or something like that. In the past I was neither impressed nor motivated by some of the rewards my kids brought home. They were a pain to redeem.

I remember once my kid came home with a gift card for a store that we rarely shopped at. Great… now, as a parent, I had to plan a trip to a weird store to get something weird just because my kid got some $5 gift card. Of course, they earned it, and I wasn’t going to take that sense of accomplishment away… so off we went.

Worse was when we got a $10 gift card for the pet store. We didn’t have pets! I think we gave that away to someone who had pets. Some incentive, huh? My kid earned something they had to give away.

So when I was in a position to give a similar reward I figured I’d change things up. I wanted to give something the kids would immediately value, and could use without restrictions. My incentive reward was called “Jason Bucks.” It was simply cold hard cash. That’s right… dollar bills!

The kids LOVED it. They got a few bucks they could spend anywhere. I’m sure parents appreciated the fact that they didn’t have to drive across town to a weird store to redeem a $5 card. And, of course, Jason Bucks never expired.

Snowfly Incentives Rewards Reloadable Debit CardAt Snowfly, we have tons of options for prizes and rewards for your performance and motivation systems. You can get gift cards from major vendors (including Amazon). You can get boxes of chocolates, or even use your own company swag. But by far our most asked for, used, and appreciated reward is the reloadable debit card.

Just like Jason Bucks, the reloadable debit card can be used just about anywhere, anytime. But, in some ways, it is better than cash.

Reloadable Debit Cards for Employee Rewards

Instead of getting a check, which has to be processed (making mobile deposit, or scheduling a quick run to the bank), the reloadable debit card can be loaded with the incentive money immediately. Your employees don’t have to wait to use their reward! Get a reward today and celebrate with a romantic dinner tonight!

Employees keep the reloadable debit cards in their wallet, with their other cards. Anytime money is put on, it’s immediately accessible. Cash is great but this is super convenient… even more convenient than Jason Bucks.

Custom Design Reloadable Debit Cards for Your Organizational Branding

As you can see in the picture above, this reloadable debit card is custom designed to reinforce our customer’s branding. The “Platinum Club” is the name of their rewards program. Can you imagine the pride your employees will have when they pull out their branded card? Every time you used this you would think about your company, being recognized, and actually getting real, useable, and useful rewards for doing a great job.

Integrated Into Your Employee Performance and Employee Satisfaction Program

One of the hallmarks of your Snowfly performance and incentives program is that are customizable enough to address your organizational needs. We continually hear about other programs that are too rigid, and would require an organization to change how they operate or incentivize. Snowfly was designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs.

While the reloadable debit cards are a very cool and tangible part of your incentives and rewards program, they are not the entire program. YOU drive the design of your program. This is just one of our tools to really help motivate your team, and a reason why our system has such a high engagement rate.

Want to talk about how we can use these reloadable debit cards, custom designed to reinforce your employer brand, to improve performance and behavior at your organization? We love to brag about what we can do. Let’s get on a call and see how we can help you meet your organizational goals.

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Jason Alba

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