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Snowfly Speech Analytics for Call Centers Enriches Culture

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Snowfly Speech Analytics One On One

Snowfly Speech Analytics ReportsDid you know Snowfly has a speech analytics suite?

For over two decades Snowfly has been an incentives and employee performance company, using gamification and the psychology of motivation to improve employee satisfaction, employee performance, company and team culture, etc. Our incentives and performance tools are effective. Our customers see measurable results. And we love helping enrich work environments and culture.

We introduced a speech analytics system as another product to help improve each of those things.

What is speech analytics, you ask? Good question! Speech analytics is the powerful idea of taking transcripts (of calls at a call center, for example) and doing a deep analysis of what is (and isn’t) being said to determine many things:

  • Was the call effective?
  • Was everything that needed to be said said?
  • Was there anything that shouldn’t have been said?
  • Did the agent confirm important information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, names, or credit card numbers?
  • Was the mini-Miranda appropriately used?

And more. With this kind of insight into your agents’ calls you can then make a variety of determinations:

  • Do we need more training on any particular areas, such as greetings?
  • Which agents are consistently performing better than average, and why? What can we learn from them, and how can we communicate this to other agents (and new employees)?
  • Which agents are consistently worse, and why? Can training fix their problems, or do we need to remove them from the team?
  • Can we identify violations in our calls that could result in costly fines?

And more.

Speech analytics is a powerful way to get insight into what is happening on your phones, and with your agents and callers. What’s more, Snowfly Speech Analytics gives you the power understand what is happening on ALL of your calls. Not just a sample, because you are limited by staff who is listening in on calls, but up to 100% of your calls. Snowfly Speech Analytics doesn’t call in sick, they aren’t accused of favoritism, and they are consistently accurate.

When you take the bias out of the call QA process, magic happens.  Here are five benefits of Snowfly Speech Analytics, and how it enhances the culture and work environment:


On again, off again. One time my QA person said I needed to do this better, another time they said I needed to calm it down. When working with humans there are many opportunities to get direction based off of mood, whims, or other inconsistencies. We’re not saying we don’t like humans…! Of course we do (in fact, we ourselves are humans). But let’s harness the power of technology (which includes consistency) and let technology do what it does best, then use that to have humans make improvements in training, coaching, etc.


Have you heard the story of the guy who had random drug testing… every single month? It didn’t feel very random to him. Or the story of the call center agent who always had her calls listened to, when none of her colleagues were getting any feedback? She definitely felt singled out, and that the QA person didn’t like her. With Snowfly Speech Analytics your team can be confident in that they are getting the same treatment that everyone else on the team gets. There is no singling out based on whether someone likes you or not. Thoughts of bias because “I don’t like you” melts away.


Everyone wants to know how they are doing at work. They want to do better, and generally they want to be better than average. Okay, not everyone wants that, but everyone on your team should want that (otherwise maybe they shouldn’t be on your team). Help them know how they are doing, and where they can improve. Give them insight and direction. Snowfly Speech Analytics is the toolset you need to help them have a focus on quality. Snowfly Performance is the toolset that helps reward their quality and improvements.


Instead of feeling picked on, and thinking only your calls are being scrutinized, you know that all calls are being monitored. Having in-person QA listen in on calls can only reach so many calls per day… probably less than 5% (unless you have a really nice budget). Snowfly Speech Analytics gives you the ability to cover 100% of your calls, and shift the job of QA from listening in on (which has its own problems) to going through the analysis and using it to make improvements.


Using a Snowfly Speech Analytics shows your team that you care about quality. You care about improving. You take what you learn from the analysis and create better training that addresses current problems and needs. Your team wants to get better, and perform better. You can now create training and incentive programs based on data instead of gut feel.

Snowfly Speech Analytics is a great tool to improve your call center. Combined with Snowfly Performance, which includes incentives, recognition, etc., you will have a set of tools that really makes an impact on your organization’s objectives. This is how you create a place where people want to work!

Want to learn more? Let our consultants understand what your needs and objectives are, and see if Snowfly Speech Analytics or Snowfly Performance can help!

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