Speech Analytics for Better Customer Service

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speech analytics for better customer service

There are a billion things you can do for better customer service, but few will be as critical as what we are about to talk about. Speech analytics for better customer service is something everyone should be looking at, from the executive suite to every call center manager, and anyone who cares about or delivers customer service.

Customer service is a phrase bundled in with customer experience. You can have all of the scripts, rules, processes and systems in place, but the bottom line is how your customer perceives your service will completely define their experience. You can say, “Yeah but, my agent responded how she should have,” or, “I’m sure they think they were right, but my agent said the right things.”

Maybe your agent was right, but that doesn’t mean the service or customer experience was what you wanted, or what it should have been. And how they perceived the whole experience is what they’ll talk to their friends about. “That was such a great experience, they really treated me well and made my situation right.” Or, “They were jerks, I’m never doing business with them again!”

You can’t possibly know every word your agents say to your customers, can you?

If you are monitoring conversations manually, no, probably not. It would take at least one full-time employee to listen in on, catch, and analyze every conversation an agent has. No one wants to double their staff just to get full speech analytics.

Of course, we don’t live in the 1800’s, which means we don’t have to rely on human power for this much-needed intelligence. Phone systems have had the ability to record calls for years and years. Organizations with a ton of money have been able to analyze those recordings and give important information to executives to make better decisions.

And now, with Snowfly’s Voice and Speech Analytics products, companies with tighter budgets can afford to get some of the best analytics and intelligence to really know what is happening on the phones.

speech analytics for better customer service - analytics and reportsWithout this insight, you are making assumptions about the conversations your agents are having. These conversations aren’t from Mary, in Indianapolis, they are from your company’s name and brand. It’s kind of mind-boggling to think a role most consider to be entry level can have so much influence and impact on your company’s brand, especially when there is little-to-no oversight on their performance!

With Snowfly’s analytics tools we can deliver easy-to-read reports after each call finishes. These reports can be aggregated for executives (to see high-level scores, for example), or individualized for a manager or the agent. The reports can have scores (like A+ for a perfect call or D- for a really bad call), and provide a very easy way to get to a certain part of the recording so you can hear it.

Imagine this: Your customer says your agent said a phrase. You can easily find that phrase in the text, click on it, and go directly to that part of the audio conversation. This can allow you to get the context of the phrase, and even what led up to that part of the conversation.

One of the best parts of the Speech Analytics product from Snowfly is that you can choose to monitor 5% of your calls or 100% of your calls, or anywhere in between. You get to decide what the right sample size is. If you want to monitor ALL calls, go for it!

Not only can you keep track of bad calls, or calls with bad elements, you can also learn from your best calls! If an agent is consistenly scoring an A or A+, you’ll have the text and audio, and added intelligence from our reports, to help you understand WHY. Take the why back to your training and onboarding teams so they can say, “We’re finding that these three phrases are getting a lot of positive results right now…”

Seriously, how powerful is this? How is it that you are running a customer service team without our tools?

Companies that care about the whole experience know they need speech analytics for better customer service. They know our reports can help give a better employee experience. Employees will love getting what feels like real-time reports, after each call, and strive to get better scores.

Want to see what we are doing? We’d love to show you! Reach out to us and we’ll see if what we have can increase your customer service and your employee experience at the same time!

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speech analytics for better customer service

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