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Speech Analytics in Marketing? #yes

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Snowfly Voice Analytics For Marketing

Snowfly Voice Analytics For MarketingSnowfly has a powerful voice analytics system that helps you know what is being said on phone calls. No, not to track the personal calls your staff is making, but to do things like monitor the effectiveness of your sales team so you can improve sales. You have some star salesmen/women, and you have some duds, right? What makes the stars so good, and why are the duds continually falling short?

If you knew the answers to these questions you would know how you could improve your training. You would know what words and phrases, the timing, that the stars use, and try to replicate it to the rest of your sales team. You would also know who is just untrainable… the ones that just need to work somewhere else.

I worked at a company that had over 70 sales agents. They had one “sales trainer.” This trainer spent the bulk of her time listening in on calls, filling out forms (by hand) on each call she listened in on, and then sat down with agents to go over their performance on the call. It was her job to identify bad things, praise good things, and help the agent know how they could be better.

Sounds good on paper but if you do the math it doesn’t sound good at all. Let’s say that each agent is on the phone for four hours a day. That is 280 hours of phone calls that the sales trainer *should* be on. But she only has 4 to 6 hours a day to listen in on calls. You can imagine how mentally exhausting that portion of her job is! Not to mention how ineffective it is for someone in her position. She only gets to listen in on about 2 or 3% of the calls for any given day! Throw in other meetings she has to be in and she’s barely listening to any calls.

Snowfly’s Voice Analytics system allows you to listen in on 100% of the calls, and the analysis is automated. Want to make sure your agents are saying certain things or asking certain questions? We monitor that in virtual real time. Then, we give you a report, almost immediately, so you can know what needs to be corrected and what could be rewarded. This is like my previous company having 50 sales trainers, and being in a position to help all of the agents.

What will that do to your bottom line?

In this Voicebase article, 11 WAYS TO LEVERAGE SPEECH ANALYTICS FOR MARKETING, Voicebase’s Alissa Pagels-Minor talks about how speech recognition can help marketers do their jobs better. Her points make a lot of sense… I especially like #7:

7. Track Keywords and Phrases

Themes in your customer calls can drive transformational insights. Surface the words that are mentioned most often, then examine the transcripts to learn more. Marketers can then use those insights for campaign ideas, strategy optimization, or pass them along to other departments who can benefit.

What Alissa is saying is that you should take the intelligence from customer calls and pull out common words and phrases that *should* be used in marketing. If you have 100 calls and 80% of them mention how great your customer service is (a rarity in today’s new Saas companies), maybe you should consider a marketing campaign talking about what your customers say about your customer service! That’s one example…. you could create marketing assets from the intelligence you get from speech analytics including blog posts, white papers, case studies, customer advocate videos, etc.

Voice analytics is a powerful tool to help different parts of your organization. Sales is a no-brainer. This Voicebase article shows there are other departments that could and should use what you learn from voice analytics.

Want to learn more about Snowfly’s Voice Analytics product? Reach out to us here and let’s get on a call.

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