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Speech Analytics Integrated with Incentives, Recognition, and Gamification

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Snowfly Speech Analytics is a powerful, exciting offering that delivers an insight into your sales, support, and onboarding, and any other calls that you should monitor. If your sales organization wants to increase sales, from .5% to 50%, what will get you there? Well, a lot of things. But one thing that can impact everything else is really understanding what is happening on calls. Snowfly Speech Analytics gives you that insight, whether you want to do spot checking or monitor 100% of the calls. Same with support, onboarding, etc. Speech Analytics will give you information that will help you figure out training needs as well as who is doing excellent (so you can learn from them) and who is doing really bad (so you can make employee decisions).

Very cool stuff, and everything has been designed for small to medium size organizations. This means we made this for YOU, not for some 10,000 seat call center (although we have the features and tools to help them, too).

Where this gets really exciting (as if that wasn’t exciting enough!) is that Snowfly Speech Analytics can be completely integrated into our incentives, recognition, and gamification systems. Let me paint the picture:

You have 50 agents on the phones. You are using Snowfly Speech Analytics and get a really good understanding of what is happening on those calls. With our easy-to-read scorecards and grades you know there are some optimization opportunities that you are building into your weekly training program. These trainings are a direct result of knowing what is happening on the calls. Whether too many of your agents are making mistakes, and you train them to fix that, or you find some rockstars on your team that are doing something very effective and you share those tactics with the rest of your team… Speech Analytics is very powerful.

Now, about those rockstars. It will be cool for them to get recognition in a training meeting, and give them kudos for doing such a great job. Maybe they even get to train and show their peers what they are doing that is getting them so much success.

But what if…. what if they were recognized outside of that meeting? What if they can get peer recognition, where their buddies can tell them how cool it is, and that recognition is shared with others in the company. That is made possible with the Snowfly Incentives tool. As is manager recognition, where a manager can give kudos and show appreciation.

Remember, we’ve been doing incentives for a long time, and it’s what we are known for.

Add on incentives and rewards and now you can give something to your star players. Whether it is an intrinsic reward (something that doesn’t cost you money, like the Employee of the Month Parking spot) or an extrinsic reward (like a $50 Amazon card), there are plenty of options with Snowfly Incentives.

And then add on gamification. This makes the system more fun and engaging and memorable. Your team will want to play the simple games we have developed, designed to add excitement but not take away from work time (it’s almost impossible to waste time in the game center because the games are very quick to play, then you are back to work).

Everything we’ve developed at Snowfly has been designed to use as standalone (you can get just the recognition piece, for example) and as an integrated solution (can you imagine how powerful Speech Analytics with Incentives and Recognition and Gamification will be with your team?). The key is to not get one piece of a puzzle without understanding the compounding value that any additional piece will bring.

This is all about increasing performance. That is done through employee engagement, which impacts employee satisfaction. As a bonus, you just might increase employee retention, which will have an impact on your bottom line.

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Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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