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What is text analytics software?

You’ve heard of voice analytics. Snowfly’s text analytics software is similar in that it helps you get important insight into every communication and touchpoint your agents and representatives have with prospects and customers. This insight can be crucial in helping you improve training and processes to improve KPIs and OKRs.

Snowfly Text Analytics Software - Text Messaging


Text Analytics Enhances the Customer Experience (CX)

While more communication moves from voice calls to text communication, the customer experience expectations are not loosening up. Customers actually expect more. They expect faster response times and more cordial and respectful communication. Customer experience (CX) is a priority for every company out there, and some companies are doing an exceptional job delighting customers. They are raising the bar of expectations.

Getting the insight that Snowfly text analytics (and voice analytics) gives you helps ensure that the customer experience you deliver consistently meets, and can even exceed, that bar. Getting real data on whether your agents are respectful, have the right greeting and salutations can help you ensure your customers are treated well.

Text Analytics Software Influences Training Programs

If you find text analytics surface issues, take the opportunity to tweak your training programs to fix issues. Learn from what your best-performing agents are doing to train your worst-performing agents. The Snowfly text analytics software results will help you determine which words or phrases are actually working and which words and phrases you need to stop using.

When you find out your team is misspelling words, or using slang or acronyms too much, you can adjust your training. These small tweaks will help ensure you a better customer experience, and should help your team achieve the results they working towards. This level of training can only happen when you understand what is happening consistently and over time on every written communication your team engages in.

Snowfly Text Analytics Is Versatile

Whether your team communicates via email, text messaging, through a website, chat, or via any written communication, we can provide analytics (as long as you can get us the transcript). Between our voice analytics software and providing analytics from text messaging, email, etc. we can provide a comprehensive insight into every touchpoint your customer has with your team. This will give you data and information to impact training, incentives, and other programs to help your team excel.

Imagine the benefits of this level of insight. Your customers can get a consistent CX that is delightful. Your team can quickly learn from higher performers so everyone’s results can improve. These two benefits alone should have an impact on your organizational culture. Your team knows you are investing in them so they can do their very best job. When they consistently do well they can see incentives, rewards, and recognition that increase employee satisfaction. They’ll want to give more because they know what they give actually matters. You can retain your best workers for longer, and attract like talent.


Snowfly Text Analytics

When we process your text communications we can group and categorize what is being communicated. We can deliver key feedback per communication as well as identify problem areas across your team, or consistent over time for a single agent. We’ll help leadership and the agent understand how and where they can improve. We deliver this information in easy-to-consume visualizations and reports as well as making it easy to drill down on any problem areas, to the exact line of text.

This is the kind of insight and information you need to make the right decisions for your team and customers. Snowfly text analytics can give your team an unprecedented competitive advantage.

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