The Other Reason an Employee Engagement Program Should Work

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Snowfly's Employee Engagement Program

Every employee engagement program should work if it is architected strategically, based on sound principles.

Unfortunately, there’s a high rate of failure with employee engagement programs because they are kind of thrown together with fad ideas and without an understanding of what makes these programs work. At Snowfly we’ve been trusted to architect and implement employee engagement programs across industries, crossing geographic borders, and with small teams and large organizations. We’ve seen ideas that work and ideas that sound great but are doomed to fail.

If you are talking about an employee engagement program, seriously, call us. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and create a program that best works for your team. Our software has been customzed and crafted over the years to be a flexible, effective part of every employee engagement program. We strive to take the administrative work out of the program and let your team focus on your employees.

Some goals and objectives are accomplished over time. Sometimes it can take months to make changes, or see the impact of changes. Sometimes, though, we see results almost overnight. It’s exciting to implement our ideas and roll out our software and see these changes.

There’s one impact when an organization rolls out an employee engagement program that surprises people, especially executives. It’s an impact that can be seen as soon as the program announcement goes out. Before anyone has a chance to get into the employee engagement program, use it, recognize others, redeem incentives and rewards… the great sometimes unexpected impact comes from this:

When your employees see proof that management and leadership care about them. 

When you announce you are rolling out a real employee engagement program the message your employees get is, “we care!” They can feel heard and seen by management. They can trust that management is not only talking about these culture ideas but they are actually investing in their culture. The are truly investing in their team!

That’s exciting. That’s a reason to stick around (increasing employee retention). Knowing management is investing in you is motivating! Just knowing you matter enough to get this type of program could be incentive enough to work smarter or harder (increasing employee performance). This could lead to increased employee satisfaction at work.

This is how culture is shifted. Not necessarily a software program, or a whole employee incentives program (that should be just one part of a strategy to shift culture), but because people have confidence in their leadership, and their role in the organization. This is something you feel.

An easy way to measure this is with employee engagement surveys, which should be done regularly. Regular employee engagement surveys help you create a trend to watch. Watch what happens over quarters and years to see if what you are doing is impacting employee engagement. Get help understanding the trends because an increase doesn’t always mean an increase based on what you are doing (sometimes it means employees are being more honest than before, or they have given up and aren’t being honest with their answers).

Employee Engagement Programs Results

Employee engagement programs work, if designed well, by virtue of what they include. Peer recognition, manager recognition, incentives, rewards, gamification, etc. This is the core of what you’ll implement.

Just knowing that management cares, even enough to invest in an employee engagement program, can mean a lot. The return on your investment can be a better place to work. That feels great. But how this hits the top and bottom line of your P&L is measurable and significant. You could see more, and better, sales when your sales team is more engaged. you could see higher customer retention when your customer career team feels the love.

Results will feel tangible and intangible.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

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Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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