The Snowfly Feedback Loop

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Action -> Effect -> Feedback -> New Action
It doesn’t matter what I do, or what decision I make, I can’t escape the effects of my actions. I can run, I can hide, but the effects will follow right behind. What I CAN do better understand my actions which in turn give me power over the effect of my actions.

What Action can I take when I don’t know what the effects of my behaviors?

What Action can I take when the feedback from the action and effect take days/weeks/months?


The Snowfly feedback loop. Snowfly provides built in, informational and motivational tools that can provide a real-time feedback loop.

Let’s look at an example. Jennifer takes a call at work and she’s supposed to close a sale. There is a script that Jennifer knows well that she follows during the call as closely as possible. The sale doesn’t close. Jennifer moves on to the next call. Later that week, her Supervisor (who listened to the call) brings in Jennifer for training. Jennifer is nervous, is she in trouble? Is her performance so poor that she needs special training? (this may be hyperbole, but we must admit that it goes through our heads). Her supervisor tells her that her script adherence is great, but her rapport score is low. She’s so focused on the script that there was no relationship building. Jennifer goes back to her calls. Nervous, she overcompensates and her script adherence dwindles… The patterns continues.

The Snowfly Feedback Loop

Six Step ProcessShortly after the call, Jennifer is notified that she has a B+ score for the call where the sale didn’t close. Jennifer sees that her script adherence was very good, but the rapport score was low.

There are some suggestions right in the interface on things she can try and things to work on based on the call transcript and analytics.

Jennifer also knows that if she can keep her daily average at a B+ or higher she’ll be entered into the daily team raffle.

Jennifer takes note of the changes that she can make and IMMEDIATELY sees improvement.








Jennifer is not nervous, Jennifer does not feel micro managed. She feels empowered and in control of her environment. Her company has taken the steps to give her the resources that she needs to not only be successful, but to constantly improve.

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