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Imagine your best worker, worth their weight in gold, sends you an email with a 2-week resignation notice. You might feel sad.

Or you might be devastated. 

If you relied on that person to do your best work, to know everything about your customers and prospects and products and the industry, you would be absolutely scared.

There’s a real difference between someone who has years of experience married with intuitively getting those things (your customers, prospects, products, the industry, etc.), and who is a high performer, and someone who may have been around the same amount of time but just doesn’t “get it.” You know what I mean, I’m sure. Both people can do their jobs, and do them just fine, but the key employee you have relied on as a sounding board and expert consultant has been key to your success.

Losing them feels like your company might not survive.

Of course, everyone is replaceable. If something tragic took your key employee away, you’d somehow figure out how to move forward. But no one wants to figure out how to somehow move forward. We want to build on where we are at, and grow and progress, without feeling like we are trying to recreate what we had.

The value I’m talking about is called “institutional knowledge.” The strategies and tactics, operations and direction, even culture and attitudes, are all impacted by those who have institutional knowledge at your organization. Of course, this isn’t a ticket to misbehave, or be a jerk. But it is very, very valuable.

Recently we’ve found we have been in some amazing conversations with some amazing organizations. And, we’re realizing the value of the institutional knowledge we bring to the table. Yes, we have software that works, and software that employees actually use. Couple that with institutional knowledge about effective employee incentive programs, building culture, increasing employee performance, and creating higher workforce satisfaction, and Snowfly has a lot to offer.

Our team has some diverse thinkers that help see the fruits of any of those with different approaches. One of our leaders, who regularly interfaces with customers, approaches customers with a highly analytical, data-driven perspective. He can only do this because of the years he has spent talking about incentives and rewards in different industries, with different team sizes. Another comes at it from a psychological background, and an interest in human behavior and motivation. Another comes at it with a mix of data and psychology, as well as exposure with prospects and customers at very high and very low levels.

We are able to bring experiences from varied customers, with different goals, over long periods, to bring the best solutions to you. Of course, you bring your own expertise, challenges, and objectives. What’s important is that our approach is to get to your objectives, instead of providing a cookie-cutter software platform that you must conform to.

We built Snowfly with an immense amount of flexibility, which has helped us solve really unique problems, and fit into organizations in different ways. That is one of differentiators. Along with that, our institutional knowledge to help you really get to your most important objectives is another reason customers have stayed with us for years, instead of saying what we hear too much of from other incentives programs, that “it just doesn’t work.”

It does work. We have data and stories to back it up. And our Snowfly team has the experience to help you make it work, even with your unique challenges.

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Jason Alba

Jason Alba

I'm passionate about building great cultures. I love respect in the workforce, especially respect that is earned. I love strategic management, leadership, and vision. I love healthy companies through profitability. I love employee engagement, employee performance, and employee satisfaction. I love how Snowfly can help YOUR organization work towards all of these things.

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