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Track Culture So You Can Improve Culture

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Snowfly Track Culture Improve Culture

Snowfly Ryan DietrichIn response to last week’s post about ROI on an incentives and performance system, Ryan, our Director of Client Services, added:

“And what’s cool is that our platform can help track culture through the use of surveys and attaching core values to rewards.”

Are you tracking culture right now? As Drucker’s quote goes, “What gets measured gets managed.” Or, improved, fixed, etc. Ryan continues:

“Then companies can track and improve culture by using actionable analytics though our reporting. We are consultants and partners, the platform is just our own unique tool.”

That’s right. At Snowfly we consider ourselves much more than a software tool… we are your partner in improving culture and encouraging positive behavior changes and achieving business objectives. Ryan continues:

“If prospects are only ROI and platform centric, they miss the point (and all the real opportunity) with Snowfly.”

What is your focus when evaluating an automated incentives system? Is it ROI and the platform? I think Ryan is suggesting that you need to be aware of root issues that are currently impacting culture, or performance, or whatever it is that is causing you to seriously look at a system like this, and be ready to dig into root issues. Snowfly, the tool, is not going to fix your problems if they are deeply rooted into your organizational philosophy. Throwing money at a tool, and incentives, might cover up the issues for a short while, but the opportunity to really effect change will be missed. And your employees will know that in the end, nothing really changed.

We don’t sell a tool, we sell a result! That takes commitment and understanding of the complex nature of humans. I try to focus on the intellectual capital because people like to buy people.”

At Snowfly, we provide success consultants, not just account managers to tell you what buttons to click on. We go beyond onboarding and setup and help you make real organizational change.

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Jason Alba

Jason Alba

I'm passionate about building great cultures. I love respect in the workforce, especially respect that is earned. I love strategic management, leadership, and vision. I love healthy companies through profitability. I love employee engagement, employee performance, and employee satisfaction. I love how Snowfly can help YOUR organization work towards all of these things.

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