Unfair Call Center Audit Scores

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Unfair call center audit scores cause problems

Just saw a story about unfair call center audit scores that you hope is not about your call center posted on the Cheezburger site (original story comes from Malicious Compliance on Reddit). Go read it at either link and hope that your call center is not facing the same issue.

In short, an employee is put in a position where they can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, they are lowering call scores not based on merit or mistakes, rather on… who knows. Her mood? Gripes? Just plain bad manners?


Really, it doesn’t. The thing is, you’ll never know if this is even happening 100% of the time when humans are involved. Now, don’t get us wrong: WE LOVE HUMANS. We love humans more than we love computers. But humans can be more quirky and more inefficient than computers.

Snowfly does call center QA. We do it without the biases a person who is mad might inject. Better yet, we work with your team to train the software to get more and more accurate. When you sign up with Snowfly we start on a journey together, and we’re not satisfied until we reach a very high accuracy rate.

What’s more, where your QA team may be able to audit a small percentage of your calls, Snowfly’s automated call auditing can audit up to 100% of your calls, without getting exhausted! We can listen for certain words or phrases this month and, as those become less of an issue, focus in on other words or phrases next month. The scope, coverage, and flexibility of our software is just what you’ve needed.

This is how you get away from blog posts about unfair call center audit scores. Luckily, this person didn’t name names, but they could have. Imagine this story below with your company name inserted:

unfair call center audit scores

Nobody has time for that kind of bad press.

This isn’t just about avoiding bad press. When you get rid of unfair call center audit scores because you’ve reduced, or eliminated employees who might have bias, or bring in their own mistakes, you potentially increase the morale of your entire team… like this:

Unfair call center audit scores could lead to terminations

Unfair Call Center Audit Scores Are a Pain

Unfair call center audit scores are a pain because you have a mess you need to clean up. You may have disciplinary action you need to take (as in this example, where the auditor was terminated). You may have to appease your call center agents, who have gotten mixed messages and are frustrated because of inconsistencies.

Want to see how Snowfly addresses this? We’d love to show you! Let’s get on a call. You can tell us about your team, your issues, your opportunities, and we can see if any of our software from Snowfly Voice (which helps eliminate call center audit scores), to employee engagement and gamification, we can really help optimize your call center operation!

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