Powerful Voice Analytics Reports for Call Center Agents (not just managers)

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voice analytics reports for call center agents

Voice Analytics Reports for Call Center Agents is a no-brainer if you want your agents to have the right information as soon as possible, so they can make adjustments as soon as possible.

If you have been researching Voice Analytics you know it is a system, or tool, that takes every word on a call and gives you insight into what happened on that call. This is profound for multiple reasons. Can you imagine having insight into every call, and seeing reasons why certain agents are more successful than others?

Can you imagine having that insight for up to 100% of your calls? If you have a small team doing this manually you likely get insight for a very small percentage of your call volume. And, not to harp on humans, but sometimes the team doing analysis can produce biased information, or reports or feedback that is incomplete.

Snowfly Voice is our solution to this. We’re not out to put people out of jobs, rather put tools and technology in the right places in ways that allow humans to be more effective. That’s exciting!

Historically, voice analytics solutions usually produce reports for leadership. That’s great but what if the agent is ready to see information right away so they can make changes right away?

When an agent sees their call results immediately they can see, and be reminded of, what their managers are looking at. Imagine going to a class where the teacher gives you the syllabus, and a clear expectation of how to get an A. Contrast that with a teacher who is vague, and no one can figure out how to get a good grade.

Voice analytics reports for call center agents helps call center agents know what they are graded on, what they can improve, and gives them real-time feedback to help them make adjustments as early as possible. All without having to be the one chosen for a manual audit.

Voice analytics reports for call center agents should help your call center metrics improve almost immediately.

“What gets measured gets improved.” Call centers have metrics for just about everything. Snowfly voice analytics takes the metrics to a whole different level in two important ways:

First, you can get focused insight into what is actually happening on every single call (this is where the “analytics” part of voice analytics differs from simply having a transcript of calls, which will eventually need to be analyzed.

Second, you can get the right information to the right levels. You can have summarized, executive reports sent weekly, manager reports for a manager’s team sent daily, agent reports sent immediately after each call, or various mixes of these reports to various people in your organization.

Show your team what is being measured and they’ll likely focus on what they understand to be important to you.

Want to see how this works? We’d love to get on a call and show you. We work with BPOs, in-house call centers, sales teams, hospitality, etc. We’d love to share the best practices for success we’ve learned with our customers, as well as pitfalls that makes a voice analytics product fail.

But wait, it gets better!

You probably know Snowfly is a pioneer in the gamification space for employee engagement. We’ve been able to bring our gamification tools into our voice analytics product, which means your team not only gets great information at their fingertips, when it matters most, but they can get rewards and incentives applied immediately. We don’t have to tell you how powerful it is to give your employees the right information at the right time, and show them how well they are doing with incentives. This is game-changing.

Reach out here to see how we do this.

Jason Alba

Jason Alba

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