Employee Wellness

At Snowfly, we understand how important it is to have physically and mentally healthy employees show up. Every aspect of your culture, and your team’s results, depend on what each person brings to work with them.

Snowfly performance and incentives is the perfect tool to help measure, track, and reward each person who puts effort into your wellness program. Whether you have a smoking cessation program, a weight loss program, a walking challenge or want to motivate your employees to really use their vacation time (many don’t, but everyone should), Snowfly can help.

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Because Snowfly is so flexible, it doesn’t matter what constitutes your wellness program. We can help manage, track, reward, and incentivize your employees to improve their lives. This improvement means they’ll be healthier and better at work, increasing employee performance and satisfaction. As your employees work on getting healthier, your company culture will get healthier.

Whether you are interested in a corporate wellness program to save costs on insurance premiums or to boost morale and improve culture, Snowfly Incentives is the tool you’ve been working for. Contact us to talk about how we can help. 

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“Thank you for your awesome customer service, I've had a few issues the last 2 month's and you responded right away and told me what to do. Since I work in customer service, I understand how difficult complaints are. I'm very happy with the service provided to me to resolve my issues. Kudos to your staff.”

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