Inspiring Performance & Loyalty in Today’s Workplace

Snowfly is a data-centric software company that
creates customized business solutions
focused on Loyalty, Engagement and Productivity.

We drive quantifiable business improvements within
our clients’ organizations by maximizing the efficiency
of their most valuable resource: PEOPLE

Innovative Solutions to Common Workplace Concerns

Snowfly Incentives

Gamification-based online incentive & recognition programs powered by Snowfly are a cost-effective and engaging way to inspire performance & loyalty in today’s workplace regardless of the size of your organization.

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Snowfly "Selections" - Smart Hiring

Snowfly “Selections” is a revolutionary software tool which employs artificial intelligence empowering organizations to easily identify and ultimately hire the best available candidates for their specific needs.

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Actionable Analytics

Snowfly uses the incentive and behavioral data to recognize, analyze, and report on patterns and trends of an organization. These tools allow for significant productivity and efficiency improvements not only with Snowfly programs but also across your entire organization. (Data is never shared with 3rd parties without expressed written consent).

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What we offer…

Incentives Software

Applied Gamification

Behavior Modification

Compliance & Procedures

Workforce Management Solutions

Selections Software

Predictive Indexing

Total Hiring Process

Weighted Application Blanks

International Programs

Measure Performance

Customized Reporting

Program Analytics

Safety & Wellness Programs

Bilingual Software Options

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