Employee Incentives Programs

Snowfly Performance Incentives is a data driven company.

We employ a unique three-step approach of using empirical data to maximize the business success of our clients:

  1. We begin by helping our clients identify and collect data relevant to their specific business goals.
  2. We then help clients define pertinent behavioral metrics according to their collected data including comprehensive reporting and analysis procedures.
  3. Finally, Snowfly offers 16+ years of expertise in the areas of behavior modification and full-service employee incentive programs where actionable steps to implement measurable business improvements are put in place and continuously evaluated and adjusted to ensure maximum ROI.

Working with Snowfly will be the catalyst for quantifiable improvements in workforce performance for your business. We will help you improve your employee productivity from hiring and training to morale and retention.

Staff Incentive Programs

Call Centers

Improve your key performance indicators (KPI’s)

  • Sales Conversions
  • Average Call Time
  • Call Quality
  • Adherence to Schedule
Sales Force

Increase sales with effective incentive and recognition programs

  • Sales contests
  • Special promotions
  • Supplier incentives